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Pistols are 1-handed ranged weapons, which fire projectiles, as any good self-respecting pistol would.

Pistol-Specific Hit Messages:

You shoot <it> for X damage. You consider asking <it> some questions, but decide to do it later. BIFF! ZOT! BARF!
You point at your opponent and say "BANG." Then you remember that you've got your <pistol> handy, so you shoot it with it for X damage. KERBLAM! ZAP! WHAM!
You fire the <pistol>, making some fake "pew pew pew" noises. The <pistol>, on the other hand, makes some real <pistol> noises, as it deals X damage. BAM! BAM! POW!
Not wanting to go off half-cocked, you fully cock your <pistol> and fire it at your opponent, dealing X damage. POW! SPLAT! BOOF!
You squeeze off a few rounds at him, dealing X damage (rounded up.) SPLAT! BARF! BOINK!