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Spears are usually melee weapons that are good for poking, while remaining relatively sure that you won't get poked yourself. Thrown spears are ranged. Only two such spears exist.

Spear-Specific Hit Messages:

Everybody says that Brittney[sic] spears better than you, but you manage to do a pretty good job of spearing your opponent with your <spear>. It deals X damage. SPLAT! ZAP! KERBLAM!
You jab <it> in the eye with your <spear>, dealing X damage. There's <spear> in your eye! SMACK! ZAP! BOOF!
You lunge at <it>, impaling <it> on your <spear> and dealing X damage. Way to go, Vlad! BARF! ZOT! BONK!
You poke <it> with the pointy end of your <spear>, then hit <it> with the blunt end. All told, it deals X damage. WHAMMO! WHACK! SMACK!