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A plural is the text the game displays for an item in certain situations, for instance:

Alphapants.gifYou acquire 2 alpha-mail pantses, preciousss

This category lists items whose plural forms are not known.

The following methods can be used to determine the plural form of an item. Almost every item can be resolved using one of the first six methods:

  • Any item that you have 2 or more of:
    • Type "/count (item)" in chat.
  • Any usable, edible, drinkable, or spleenable item:
    • Typing /use? 2 (item) in chat.
    • Typing /eat? 2 (item) in chat.
    • Typing /drink? 2 (item) in chat.
  • Any item for which you have the recipe:
    • Typing /cook? 2 (item) in chat. (or /mix?, or /paste?, or /smith?, or /ply?, as per the item's creation method)
  • Any non-quest item or any item that doesn't disappear at rollover:
    • Typing /closet? 2 (item) in chat.
  • Any item in Hagnk's:
    • Typing /pull? 2 (item) in chat.
  • Some items in NPC stores (as well as some things that use the shop.php interface):
    • Typing /buy? 2 (item) in chat
Many shops are not properly recognized by the /buy command. If the result is "Would produce: Purchasing 2 s." then the plural cannot be determined this way.
  • Any item that someone has 2 or more of in the Display Case:
    • Update PLAYERID and ITEMID on the following link (be extra careful with caps and typos - you can't copy-paste the plural with this method!):
  • Tradeable items you only have 1 of:
    • Attempt to put 2 or more of the item into your Mall store
  • Any item which has been marked "public" (i.e. nearly every item):
    • Let epeterso2 or Fryguy9 look it up in the Display Case Database item table dump.

The following methods can not be used to determine the plural form of an item:

  • Move 2 or more of the item between your Display Case and your inventory

When inserting the plural form of an item into a metadata page, make sure it is capitalized exactly as you saw it in-game!

If an item's plural form cannot possibly be determined by normal means, set its plural form to an exclamation point (!) in the metadata page - it will be listed here instead.

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