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Whips are 1-handed melee weapons. They don't have much weapon power; no whip has power greater than 75, but they often have useful enchantments, usually raising Monster Level. Most whips are created by players and Seal Clubbers in particular rather than dropped.

Whip-Specific Hit Messages:

You give the past a slip, and crack that whip on <it> for X damage. WHAM! BOOF! BARF!
You make like a globe-trotting archaelogist and whip <it> for X damage. ZOT! SMACK! BOINK!
You prove you're smart as a whip by whipping <it> for X damage. ZOT! WHAMMO! KERBLAM!
You whip <it> into shape. That shape being "pretty bad." <It> takes X damage. WHAMMO! BAM! BIFF!

Against G imp Only

You whip him with your whip. He seems to enjoy it, which skeeves you out, but it does do X points of damage. BOINK! POW! BOOF!


  • "You give the past a slip, and crack that whip" is a reference to the song "Whip It", by new-wave band Devo.
  • "You make like a globe-trotting archaeologist" is a reference to Indiana Jones.