Catskin cap

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catskin cap
catskin cap

This is a warm, snug-fitting cap made from catskin. Just looking at it makes you feel like a grizzled old mountain man. Not the kind of wimpy mountain man that fights bears, though -- the kind of badass mountain man that fights lions.

Type: hat
Power: 180
Moxie Required: 75
Selling Price: 185 Meat.

Muscle +9
Maximum HP +40

(In-game plural: catskin caps)
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Item number: 2627
Description ID: 235844075
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Hammer.gif helmet recipe meat stack  
Hatpants.gif basic meat helmet leathery cat skin
Equals.gif catskin cap


  • The item description refers to the American folk hero Davy Crockett, who, according to popular legend, killed a bear at the age of 3 and always wore a cap made of raccoon skin.

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