Chad, the Veteran Frat Boy

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Chad, the Veteran Frat Boy
Chad, the Veteran Frat Boy

Who's there? Stay back, bra, I have a paddle and I'm not afraid to use it!

Oh, it's a trick-or-treater. Jeez, bra, you should know better than to scare somebody who has seen the horrors of war. I mean, I was on the front lines, bra. You wouldn't believe some of the messed-up stuff I've seen. I mean, I was only sitting on the sidelines of the front lines, y'know, watching the war and cheering 'em on, but around noon we ran out of beer. I've never been so sober for so long in my life.

It was crazy, bra -- all of a sudden I started thinking the weirdest stuff, like "why am I covered in body paint? I look like an idiot!" and "you know, women are the intellectual and emotional equals of men, and I should treat them with more respect." I even thought, "I used to drink just to lower my inhibitions and unwind, but now I'm pretty much hammered 24/7. I think I have a problem."

Ever since then, I've been pounding the beer bongs, bra, but I can't get my buzz back! Take my word for it, kid, never let that happen to you. You should down all of these as quick as you can

Shot.gifYou acquire an item: shot of grapefruit schnapps
Shot.gifYou acquire an item: shot of orange schnapps
Shot.gifYou acquire an item: shot of tomato schnapps

Occurs while Trick or Treating in the Frat Warrior Fatigues.


  • You will receive three total shots chosen randomly from the three available types of shots -- grapefruit, tomato, and orange.