Charged magnet

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charged magnet
charged magnet

This is a magnet coated with a fine layer of scintillating sand. How do you make the magnetic strip on a rhinoceros's credit card unreadable? Run this across it.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be discarded

Maximum MP +5
Regenerate 1-2 MP per adventure
Radiates a Strange Energy

(In-game plural: charged magnets)
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Item number: 4147
Description ID: 318227286
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Wad.gif floaty sand moxie magnet
Equals.gif charged magnet


  • "Radiates a Strange Energy" no longer does anything. During the Unexplained Tremors event, this enchantment made it possible to meet rock monsters in a zone in which you'd spent fewer than 30 turns in your current run, and set the time until your next rock monster encounter to 25-35 turns after the previous. (The interval was 45-55 without a charged magnet.) For more detailed info see Jick's explanation.
  • It was not necessary to have the magnet equipped except during the rock monster encounter, for the change to be applied - i.e. you could safely have a different off-hand item for 24 adventures after the encounter.


  • The second part of the description is a reference to an old joke: "How do you stop a charging rhino? Take away his credit card!"

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