Chateau Mantegna

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Need to confirm 200-300 HP and 100-150 MP.

Chateau Mantegna is found in The Big Mountains after using a Chateau Mantegna room key‎‎.

Chateau bg.gif



  • The room has four "slots": the Empty Painting Frame, the Desk, the Nightstand, and the ceiling. Each slot may have one item in it (mostly purchased from the Gift Shop). These items persist across ascension.
  • You must click the Desk to receive your free daily potions (continental juice bar), pens (fancy stationery set), or meat (Swiss piggy bank).
  • Trying to visit the chateau directly while under path restrictions yields the message "Nobody is visiting that dusty old Chateau in this day and age.".


Purchasing and using an alpine watercolor set allows you to store a painting of a monster in your Empty Painting Frame. This painting persists across ascensions. When there is a painting in the Frame, its tooltip text becomes "Painting of a <monster> (1)". The first time you click the Frame each day, it initiates a fight with a copy of the monster, with this introductory text:

You gaze at the painting, reflecting on the fight. Your vision swims, and the memory intensifies.
  • Trying again on the same day:
    You've already thought about that monster a lot today.
  • If you haven't filled the painting yet, the text is as follows:
    Your big painting frame is empty. Perhaps you should get some art supplies from the Gift Shop.
  • If you're out of adventures:
    You don't have time to think about a painting.
  • If you're at 0 HP
    The only painting you should be looking at right now is one of those paintings of the digestive system on the wall of a doctor's office.


Resting in your bed restores 200-300 HP and 100-150 MP, and gives you 10*Level to 15*Level stats (capped at 100) based on which Nightstand item you have installed. If you are Beaten Up, the bed will also remove it, but your HP and MP will only be restored to your max HP/MP before removing Beaten Up.

  • With an electric muscle stimulator on the nightstand:
    The snakelike coils of the muscle stimulator on your nightstand give you a little bit of extra juice.
    You gain X Strongness.
  • With foreign language tapes on the nightstand:
    You feel smarter having listened to those brigeaux coifflic starums.
    You gain X Magicalness.
  • With a bowl of potpourri on the nightstand:
    You arise smelling mountain fresh because of your nightstand full of potpourri.
    You gain X Smarm.
  • Note that the resting bonus of Pantsgiving will NOT activate when resting in Chateau Mantegna.
  • Resting in your bed is free up to the number of remaining daily free rests you have available. (The counter is shared fully between your Chateau Mantegna bed, Your Campsite Away From Your Campsite, and your campground dwelling.)
    You lie back on a stack of pillows in the luxurious four-poster bed and relax for a while.
  • Non-free rests in your bed sometimes also result in receiving an item:
    You sink into the four-poster bed and fall fast asleep.You awaken to find that the hotel staff apparently snuck in while you were sleeping and left something minty under your pillow!
Mintpatty.gifYou acquire an item: Choco-Mint patty
Glasswater.gifYou acquire an item: homeopathic mint tea
Coffeecup.gifYou acquire an item: hot mint schnocolate
  • If you buy the ceiling fan while you have no fixture or one of the other two ceiling fixtures, the 5 free rests can be used, and then you can switch back to either the artificial skylight or antler chandelier for their end-of-day effects. This lets you use multiple fixtures for their bonuses (at a cost of 1500 meat to switch back-and-forth, or 3000 total per day). This can net some free stats from the Chateau itself, and helps players with Cincho de Mayo, or other resources that further utilize free rests.


  • Before a trivial update on August 7, 2015, the painting could not be used while falling-down drunk. Attempting to do so yielded this message:
    You're too drunk to interact with those two identical blurry paintings right now.
Chateau Mantegna
Item Furniture Effect
Stimulator.gif electric muscle stimulator Nightstand Gives some Muscle stats when you rest
Tapedeck.gif foreign language tapes Nightstand Gives some Mysticality stats when you rest
Potpourri.gif bowl of potpourri Nightstand Gives some Moxie stats when you rest
Crate.gif antler chandelier Ceiling +3 PvP Fights Per Day
Crate.gif artificial skylight Ceiling +3 Adventures Per Day
Crate.gif ceiling fan Ceiling Rest 5 times per day without using an Adventure
Juicebar.gif continental juice bar Desk Produces 3 random potions each day
Stationary.gif fancy stationery set Desk Produces 3 fancy calligraphy pens each day
Swisspig.gif Swiss piggy bank Desk Produces 1,000 Meat each day
Briefcase.gif alpine watercolor set N/A Copying