Chateau Mantegna Gift Shop

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Chateau Mantegna Gift Shop

The Chateau Mantegna Gift Shop is found in Chateau Mantegna.

Chateau Mantenga Porter
Chateau Mantenga Porter

A porter smiles at you as you enter, and gestures to indicate an array of amenities that can be installed in your room for you.

Item: Price:
Stimulator.gif electric muscle stimulator Meat.gif 500
Tapedeck.gif foreign language tapes Meat.gif 500
Potpourri.gif bowl of potpourri Meat.gif 500
Crate.gif antler chandelier Meat.gif 1,500
Crate.gif artificial skylight Meat.gif 1,500
Crate.gif ceiling fan Meat.gif 1,500
Juicebar.gif continental juice bar Meat.gif 2,500
Stationary.gif fancy stationery set Meat.gif 2,500
Swisspig.gif Swiss piggy bank Meat.gif 2,500
Briefcase.gif alpine watercolor set Meat.gif 5,000

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