Cheap Toaster

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Cheap Toaster

A Cheap Toaster was a furnishing located at your Campground.


  • Formerly obtained by using a cheap toaster, which is in turn obtained as a shore reward for having taken 32 vacations.
  • The toaster could be "used" three times a day for a free slice of toast each time!
  • Upon ascension, your Cheap Toaster was lost and had to be re-obtained in your next incarnation.
  • The furnishing was taken away by a miscellaneous update. Players logging in after November 28th, 2008, who had a Cheap Toaster were given the following message:
Due to changes in Loathing zoning ordinances, toasters are no longer campsite fixtures. You grab your toaster and stick it back in your sack.
Toaster.gifYou acquire an item: cheap toaster

When "Used"

  • First three times each day:
You press the lever, and are rewarded with toast.
Toast.gifYou acquire an item: toast
  • Subsequently:
The toaster appears to be out of toast. You'll be able to make some more tomorrow.