Cheap plastic kazoo

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cheap plastic kazoo
cheap plastic kazoo

Let's give a cheer for the lowest common denominator of musical instruments: the humble kazoo! Can't whistle? Don't have enough rhythm to play the triangle? Well, if you can breathe, you can play the kazoo.

Just don't try to use your kazoo-playing skills as a means of picking up chicks. It doesn't work. There are no groupies for the kazoo-player.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed kazoo)
Damage: 5 - 10
Moxie Required: 10
Selling Price: 55 Meat.
Cannot be traded

+10 to Monster Level

(In-game plural: cheap plastic kazoos)
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Item number: 4630
Description ID: 776689112
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Obtained From

Ticket Redemption Counter (100 Game Grid tickets)


The grating buzzing of your kazoo lulls your opponent into a deep trance. Wait, not 'trance'. 'Fury', that's the word I want. Fortunately he starts taking his anger out on his own ears instead of your face, doing X damage. KAPOW! BAM! BOINK!
You unleash a torrent of high-pitched buzzing sounds from your kazoo. He, who it turns out is allergic to bees, thrashes around frantically, doing X to him-self in the process. BONK! SOCKO! BARF!
You belt out your rendition of "Flight of the Bumblebee" on your cheap plastic kazoo. Your opponent takes X damage, and he screams in pain as his head explodes in a fountain of gore. (Not really.) WHACK! BARF! SOCKO!

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