Chemistry Class (After School)

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Mrs. K, the Chemistry Teacher Mrs. K, the Chemistry Teacher

All right, kids, let's get ready to make the best kind of magic: the magic of science! I mean, sure, magic is real in the Kingdom, which means you can create a wave of pasta sauce out of thin air and use it to crush someone, but with science you can turn a blue liquid into a brown one!

Oh, it's just you today? Well, very well, dear. You brought your supplies, right? What would you like to make?

Item: (click for description) Price:
Bomb.gif dirty stinkbomb Chloride.gif 2 Blooddrops.gif 2 Sodium small.gif 4 Surgicaltape.gif 1 Bigfirecracker.gif 1
Disease.gif grains of salt Chloride.gif 2 Sodium small.gif 2
Potion15.gif sodium pentasomething Sodium small.gif 2 Residue.gif 4 Soda.gif 1
Potion16.gif superwater Blooddrops.gif 6 Residue.gif 2 Soda.gif 1
Clusterbomb.gif yellowcake bomb Chloride.gif 4 Blooddrops.gif 4 Residue.gif 4 Surgicaltape.gif 1 Bigfirecracker.gif 1
Make Item
(textbox) (checkbox) (as many as possible)
You have:
Chloride.gif A chlorine crystals
Blooddrops.gif B ph balancers
Sodium small.gif C nuggets of sodium
Residue.gif D mysterious chemical residues
Surgicaltape.gif E rolls of surgical tape
Bigfirecracker.gif F illegal firecrackers
Soda.gif G cans of Mountain Stream Code Black Alert
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Occurs as a choice in Saved by the Bell, with the Nerd is the Word intrinsic.

Use of the items
Item Use
Bomb.gif Dirty stinkbomb Banisher (single use).
Disease.gif Grains of salt Increases adventures from food eaten.
Potion15.gif Sodium pentasomething Gives 20 turns of +20 Monster Level.
Potion16.gif superwater Gives 50 turns of Ultrahydrated.
Clusterbomb.gif Yellowcake bomb Acts as a yellow ray (cooldown 75 turns).