Chester's moustache

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Chester's moustache
Chester's moustache

This changes... everything. It goes on your upper lip, it's slick and hip, and it's pointy at the ends. It gives you a... savvy kind of feeling; a... suave-y kind of feeling. It makes you look like... a fireman, or... somebody's dad.

Type: accessory
Moxie Required: 200
Outfit: Tawdry Tramp Togs
  (3 items)

Cannot be traded or discarded

+20 damage to Disco Bandit Combat Skills
Disco Bandit Combat Skills weaken enemies by an additional 50%
+20 Sleaze Damage

(Bonus for Disco Bandits only)

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: Chester's moustaches)
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Item number: 3260
Description ID: 519707440
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Obtained From

The Purple Light District


  • The description refers to a song in an episode of The Tick in which the title character acquires a sentient, weaponized moustache and comes to appreciate the joys of moustache ownership.

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