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Many foods added in recent years have been added to the daily rotation, and need to be included as they are observed.
Chez Snootée
Shopcanadian.gif Welcome to Chez Snootée, ze finest restaurant in all of ze Kingdom of Loazing. Please partake of our fine cuisine, and enjoy it very much.

Located in Little Canadia, Chez Snootée serves a variety of food. There are three items available on the menu every day and one daily special. Whatever you buy here you automatically eat right away, so be careful.

Items Sold

Regular Menu:
Peche a la Frog Peche a la Frog (50 Meat, 3 fullness, 3-4 Adventures)
As Jus Gezund Heit As Jus Gezund Heit (75 Meat, 4 fullness, 4-6 Adventures)
Bouillabaise Coucher Avec Moi Bouillabaise Coucher Avec Moi (100 Meat, 5 fullness, 5-9 Adventures)
Today's Special:
(only one of the following will be available each day)
[experimental crimbo food] [experimental crimbo food] (33 Meat)
abominable snowcone abominable snowcone (90 Meat)
acceptable bagel acceptable bagel (105 Meat)
agnolotti arboli agnolotti arboli (180 Meat)
ancient frozen dinner ancient frozen dinner (90 Meat)
ancient unspeakable fruitcake ancient unspeakable fruitcake (111 Meat)
animal part cracker animal part cracker (24 Meat)
antique packet of ketchup antique packet of ketchup (45 Meat)
asparagus stir-fry asparagus stir-fry (201 Meat)
bag of GORP bag of GORP (69 Meat)
bag of GORF bag of GORF (69 Meat)
balaclava baklava balaclava baklava (195 Meat)
ballroom blintz ballroom blintz (129 Meat)
banana banana (3 Meat)
banana cream pie banana cream pie (30 Meat)
Bash-Ōs cereal Bash-Ōs cereal (75 Meat)
bätzle bätzle (219 Meat)
bat haggis bat haggis (318 Meat)
bat wing kabob bat wing kabob (150 Meat)
bean burrito bean burrito (162 Meat)
bear claw bear claw (42 Meat)
beefy fish meat beefy fish meat (105 Meat)
berries of suffering berries of suffering (150 Meat)
black forest cake black forest cake (120 Meat)
black forest ham black forest ham (120 Meat)
black pudding black pudding (120 Meat)
blackberry blackberry (210 Meat)
boring spaghetti boring spaghetti (99 Meat)
bowl of cottage cheese bowl of cottage cheese (93 Meat)
bowl of mernudo bowl of mernudo (69 Meat)
bowl of rye sprouts bowl of rye sprouts (450 Meat)
bowl of topioca bowl of topioca (210 Meat)
brains casserole brains casserole (105 Meat)
Brimstone Chicken Sandwich Brimstone Chicken Sandwich (300 Meat)
brown sugar cane brown sugar cane (165 Meat)
bucket of honey bucket of honey (198 Meat)
bunch of square grapes bunch of square grapes (195 Meat)
cactus fruit cactus fruit (105 Meat)
candied pecan candied pecan (12 Meat)
candy mountain oyster candy mountain oyster (24 Meat)
carob brownies carob brownies (180 Meat)
carob chunk cookies carob chunk cookies (156 Meat)
carob chunks carob chunks (90 Meat)
catgut taco catgut taco (252 Meat)
catsup catsup (300 Meat)
centipede eggs centipede eggs (198 Meat)
cherry cherry (180 Meat)
Choco-Mint patty Choco-Mint patty (15 Meat)
chocomotive chocomotive (30 Meat)
chorizo taco chorizo taco (156 Meat)
C.H.U.M. chum C.H.U.M. chum (135 Meat)
circular CRIMBCOOKIE circular CRIMBCOOKIE (300 Meat)
club sandwich club sandwich (15 Meat)
cob of corn cob of corn (450 Meat)
cocktail onion cocktail onion (210 Meat)
cocoa eggshell fragment cocoa eggshell fragment (342 Meat)
cookie cookie cookie cookie (45 Meat)
cool mushroom cool mushroom (183 Meat)
cool mushroom casserole cool mushroom casserole (225 Meat)
corned-beef Reuben corned-beef Reuben (15 Meat)
cranberries cranberries (87 Meat)
crappy brain crappy brain (33 Meat)
crazy little Turkish delight crazy little Turkish delight (150 Meat)
cream of pointy mushroom soup cream of pointy mushroom soup (225 Meat)
creamsicle creamsicle (165 Meat)
Crepes a la Lune Crepes a la Lune (600 Meat)
crudles crudles (180 Meat)
dead meat bun dead meat bun (54 Meat)
decent brain decent brain (99 Meat)
dehydrated caviar dehydrated caviar (450 Meat)
delicious noodles delicious noodles (99 Meat)
delicious salad delicious salad (3 Meat)
delicious swamp muck delicious swamp muck (54 Meat)
desiccated apricot desiccated apricot (144 Meat)
devil hair pasta devil hair pasta (165 Meat)
diabolic pizza diabolic pizza (15 Meat)
dire fudgesicle dire fudgesicle (90 Meat)
dragon snaps dragon snaps (105 Meat)
Double Bacon Beelzeburger Double Bacon Beelzeburger (300 Meat)
drippy plum(?) drippy plum(?) (15 Meat)
dwarf bread dwarf bread (63 Meat)
eldritch mushroom eldritch mushroom (270 Meat)
elf army field rations elf army field rations (90 Meat)
Elfin shortbread Elfin shortbread (147 Meat)
enchanted bean burrito enchanted bean burrito (162 Meat)
Fettris Fettris (255 Meat)
fettucini Inconnu fettucini Inconnu (183 Meat)
fiery wing fiery wing (96 Meat)
fine aged cheddarwurst fine aged cheddarwurst (84 Meat)
flaming mushroom flaming mushroom (300 Meat)
flour cookie flour cookie (15 Meat)
flower petal pie flower petal pie (135 Meat)
foie gras foie gras (90 Meat)
forbidden sausage forbidden sausage (51 Meat)
fortune cookie fortune cookie (60 Meat)
fricasseed brains fricasseed brains (60 Meat)
frozen mushroom frozen mushroom (300 Meat)
fruitcake fruitcake (111 Meat)
fusilli marrownarrow fusilli marrownarrow (180 Meat)
fusillocybin fusillocybin (255 Meat)
gallon of milk gallon of milk (45 Meat)
ghost cucumber ghost cucumber (225 Meat)
ghuol-ear kabob ghuol-ear kabob (156 Meat)
ghuol egg ghuol egg (48 Meat)
ghuol egg quiche ghuol egg quiche (138 Meat)
ghuol guolash ghuol guolash (87 Meat)
giant grain of protein powder giant grain of protein powder (132 Meat)
giant heirloom grape tomato giant heirloom grape tomato (225 Meat)
giant marshmallow giant marshmallow (90 Meat)
gingerbread mug gingerbread mug (48 Meat)
glistening fish meat glistening fish meat (105 Meat)
glob of cream cheese glob of cream cheese (21 Meat)
glowing fungus glowing fungus (90 Meat)
goat cheese goat cheese (66 Meat)
goat cheese pizza goat cheese pizza (252 Meat)
goat cheese taco goat cheese taco (252 Meat)
good brain good brain (231 Meat)
government cheese government cheese (87 Meat)
gr8ps gr8ps (177 Meat)
grapefruit grapefruit (105 Meat)
grapes grapes (105 Meat)
green and red bean green and red bean (18 Meat)
guffin guffin (15 Meat)
haggis-wrapped haggis-stuffed haggis haggis-wrapped haggis-stuffed haggis (15 Meat)
ham steak ham steak (15 Meat)
haunted Hell ramen haunted Hell ramen (210 Meat)
haunted orange haunted orange (150 Meat)
haunted pizza haunted pizza (255 Meat)
Hell broth Hell broth (114 Meat)
Hell ramen Hell ramen (165 Meat)
herb brownies herb brownies (183 Meat)
hibiscus petal hibiscus petal (30 Meat)
hot buttered roll hot buttered roll (75 Meat)
hot date hot date (195 Meat)
hot wing hot wing (96 Meat)
humble pie humble pie (78 Meat)
java cookie java cookie (45 Meat)
jumbo olive jumbo olive (180 Meat)
jumping bean burrito jumping bean burrito (150 Meat)
jumping bean taco jumping bean taco (198 Meat)
juniper berries juniper berries (450 Meat)
junk food junk food (195 Meat)
ketchup ketchup (300 Meat)
kiwi kiwi (210 Meat)
Knob jelly donut Knob jelly donut (90 Meat)
Knob mushroom Knob mushroom (48 Meat)
Knob nuts Knob nuts (105 Meat)
Knob sausage Knob sausage (51 Meat)
Knob shroomkabob Knob shroomkabob (90 Meat)
Knob stir-fry Knob stir-fry (153 Meat)
Knob stroganoff Knob stroganoff (327 Meat)
Knob stuffed shells Knob stuffed shells (216 Meat)
Knoll mushroom Knoll mushroom (45 Meat)
Knoll shroomkabob Knoll shroomkabob (90 Meat)
Knoll stir-fry Knoll stir-fry (156 Meat)
kumquat kumquat (210 Meat)
large cocoa eggshell fragment large cocoa eggshell fragment (642 Meat)
laser-broiled pear laser-broiled pear (465 Meat)
leafy browns leafy browns (75 Meat)
leftover canapés leftover canapés (24 Meat)
leftovers leftovers (15 Meat)
lemon lemon (105 Meat)
lemon meringue pie lemon meringue pie (165 Meat)
libertagliatelle libertagliatelle (195 Meat)
lihc eye pie lihc eye pie (135 Meat)
lime lime (180 Meat)
linguini immondizia bianco linguini immondizia bianco (195 Meat)
linguini of the sea linguini of the sea (195 Meat)
loaf of soda bread loaf of soda bread (90 Meat)
Lord of the Flies-sized fries Lord of the Flies-sized fries (300 Meat)
magical baguette magical baguette (75 Meat)
menudo menudo (129 Meat)
menudo ravioli menudo ravioli (390 Meat)
mind flayer corpse mind flayer corpse (234 Meat)
mineapple mineapple (69 Meat)
mole molé mole molé (300 Meat)
Mornington crescent roll Mornington crescent roll (135 Meat)
Mt. McLargeHuge oyster Mt. McLargeHuge oyster (90 Meat)
mushroom pizza mushroom pizza (258 Meat)
nailswurst nailswurst (150 Meat)
nanite-infested fruitcake nanite-infested fruitcake (111 Meat)
natto pocky natto pocky (15 Meat)
olive olive (105 Meat)
olive stir-fry olive stir-fry (213 Meat)
orange orange (105 Meat)
overcookie overcookie (114 Meat)
P.B.L.T. P.B.L.T. (15 Meat)
packet of beer nuts packet of beer nuts (36 Meat)
packet of tofurkey gravy packet of tofurkey gravy (60 Meat)
painful penne pasta painful penne pasta (99 Meat)
papaya papaya (96 Meat)
papaya taco papaya taco (192 Meat)
pawn cookie pawn cookie (300 Meat)
PB&BP PB&BP (15 Meat)
PB&J with the crusts cut off PB&J with the crusts cut off (90 Meat)
peach peach (450 Meat)
pear pear (450 Meat)
pestopiary pestopiary (90 Meat)
petit fortran petit fortran (45 Meat)
philosopher's scone philosopher's scone (171 Meat)
pickled egg pickled egg (15 Meat)
piece of wedding cake piece of wedding cake (36 Meat)
pigeon egg pigeon egg (75 Meat)
pineapple slab pineapple slab (30 Meat)
pink slime pink slime (105 Meat)
pixel bread pixel bread (90 Meat)
plain bagel plain bagel (21 Meat)
plain candy cane plain candy cane (15 Meat)
plain pizza plain pizza (204 Meat)
plain snowcone plain snowcone (15 Meat)
plate of Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans plate of Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans (15 Meat)
plate of Mixed Garbanzos and Chickpeas plate of Mixed Garbanzos and Chickpeas (15 Meat)
plate of Tesla's Electroplated Beans plate of Tesla's Electroplated Beans (15 Meat)
plum plum (450 Meat)
pointy mushroom pointy mushroom (171 Meat)
poisonous caviar poisonous caviar (600 Meat)
poutine poutine (90 Meat)
pr0n cocktail pr0n cocktail (432 Meat)
pr0n m4nic0tti pr0n m4nic0tti (99 Meat)
pr0n taco pr0n taco (252 Meat)
prescription noodles prescription noodles (255 Meat)
purple pixel pie purple pixel pie (150 Meat)
questionable taco questionable taco (75 Meat)
raisin raisin (51 Meat)
raspberry raspberry (210 Meat)
rat appendix kabob rat appendix kabob (53 Meat)
rat scrapple rat scrapple (120 Meat)
ratini ratini (213 Meat)
ravioli della hippy ravioli della hippy (99 Meat)
roasted duck roasted duck (24 Meat)
royal jelly royal jelly (231 Meat)
royal jelly taco royal jelly taco (198 Meat)
salacious crumbs salacious crumbs (90 Meat)
salt plum salt plum (24 Meat)
sausage pizza sausage pizza (255 Meat)
sea avocado sea avocado (1050 Meat)
sea blueberry sea blueberry (225 Meat)
sea broccoli sea broccoli (210 Meat)
sea carrot sea carrot (1050 Meat)
sea cauliflower sea cauliflower (180 Meat)
sea cucumber sea cucumber (1050 Meat)
sea lychee sea lychee (1200 Meat)
sea persimmon sea persimmon (195 Meat)
sea radish sea radish (1050 Meat)
sea tangelo sea tangelo (1200 Meat)
sea truffle sea truffle (2997 Meat)
six tiny wedges of goat cheese six tiny wedges of goat cheese (66 Meat)
shadow bread shadow bread (39 Meat)
shadow sausage shadow sausage (39 Meat)
shells a la shellfish shells a la shellfish (176 Meat)
skewered cat appendix skewered cat appendix (243 Meat)
slick fish meat slick fish meat (105 Meat)
smelted roe smelted roe (135 Meat)
space chowder space chowder (150 Meat)
spagecialetti spagecialetti (165 Meat)
spaghetti with ghost balls spaghetti with ghost balls (180 Meat)
Spaghetti with Moonballs Spaghetti with Moonballs (300 Meat)
Spam Witch sammich Spam Witch sammich (174 Meat)
spicy bean burrito spicy bean burrito (165 Meat)
spicy jumping bean burrito spicy jumping bean burrito (180 Meat)
spicy mushroom quesadilla spicy mushroom quesadilla (195 Meat)
sponge cake sponge cake (90 Meat)
spooky mushroom spooky mushroom (48 Meat)
spooky shroomkabob spooky shroomkabob (90 Meat)
spooky stir-fry spooky stir-fry (150 Meat)
Spooky Surprise Egg Spooky Surprise Egg (1260 Meat)
square CRIMBCOOKIE square CRIMBCOOKIE (300 Meat)
squirmy violent party snack squirmy violent party snack (264 Meat)
stale baguette stale baguette (165 Meat)
stalk of asparagus stalk of asparagus (93 Meat)
standard-issue cupcake standard-issue cupcake (60 Meat)
stinky mushroom stinky mushroom (300 Meat)
stolen sushi stolen sushi (198 Meat)
strawberry strawberry (105 Meat)
strawberry pie strawberry pie (135 Meat)
strawberry popsicle strawberry popsicle (6 Meat)
stuffed spooky mushroom stuffed spooky mushroom (105 Meat)
succulent marrow succulent marrow (90 Meat)
suggestive strozzapreti suggestive strozzapreti (180 Meat)
sweet roll Alabama sweet roll Alabama (75 Meat)
t8r tots t8r tots (174 Meat)
Taco Dan's Basic Taco Dan Taco Taco Dan's Basic Taco Dan Taco (150 Meat)
Taco Dan's Taco Fish Fish Taco Taco Dan's Taco Fish Fish Taco (300 Meat)
Taco Dan's Taco Stand Taco Taco Dan's Taco Stand Taco (45 Meat)
tangerine tangerine (210 Meat)
tiny frozen prehistoric meteorite jawbreaker tiny frozen prehistoric meteorite jawbreaker (198 Meat)
toast toast (42 Meat)
tobiko pocky tobiko pocky (15 Meat)
tofu casserole tofu casserole (321 Meat)
tofu taco tofu taco (198 Meat)
tofurkey nugget tofurkey nugget (150 Meat)
tomato tomato (105 Meat)
triangular CRIMBCOOKIE triangular CRIMBCOOKIE (300 Meat)
Trollhouse cookies Trollhouse cookies (174 Meat)
turkish mostaccioli turkish mostaccioli (195 Meat)
ultra-deluxe cupcake ultra-deluxe cupcake (105 Meat)
unappetizing mayolus unappetizing mayolus (15 Meat)
uncooked chorizo uncooked chorizo (54 Meat)
unfortunate dumplings unfortunate dumplings (45 Meat)
uninteresting mayolus uninteresting mayolus (30 Meat)
vinegar-soaked lemon slice vinegar-soaked lemon slice (183 Meat)
waffle waffle (33 Meat)
warm mushroom warm mushroom (165 Meat)
wasabi pocky wasabi pocky (15 Meat)
wax pancake wax pancake (45 Meat)
wet stew wet stew (75 Meat)
white chocolate chip brownies white chocolate chip brownies (135 Meat)
white chocolate chip cookies white chocolate chip cookies (132 Meat)
white chocolate chips white chocolate chips (72 Meat)
White Citadel burger White Citadel burger (150 Meat)
White Citadel fries White Citadel fries (120 Meat)
wild honey pie wild honey pie (150 Meat)
yam candy yam candy (150 Meat)
yellow matter custard yellow matter custard (165 Meat)
yule gruel yule gruel (15 Meat)


  • Daily specials are randomly selected each day and sell for three times the item's auto-sell price. This is generally much less than what you would pay for it in the Mall.
  • While some of the daily specials are surprisingly good and cheap (such as the forbidden sausage and linguini of the sea), the truly top-notch food like Hi mein are never sold.
  • Since the food is consumed immediately, Boozetafarians and Oxygenarians are not allowed to purchase food here.
  • All food purchased here is added to your list of Food Consumption/Favorite Food.
  • Those afraid of bees cannot order Bouillabaise Coucher Avec Moi or any B word specials here:
You are way too scared of the Bs to order that.
  • Attempting to order food whose level requirement you do not reach:
Your palate isn't sophisticated enough to eat food this good. (You must be at least level X to eat this item.)
  • The LARP membership card gives a 10% discount on food bought here, including daily specials.
  • Food consumed here gives you all the benefits and drawbacks that it would normally give. This includes, but is not limited to, items obtained from eating a food, such as banana peels.
  • G-less foods are still able to be eaten during a G-Lover run.
  • Daily specials are not subject to Standard restrictions, and may be consumed regardless.
  • Eldritch mushroom pizza had sometimes been available for 1998 meat until early August 2020.
Uh Oh!
The door to Chez Snootée has been broken in, and zombies are milling around inside. You consider joining them to see what you can scrounge up, but canapés are definitely not going to do much for your hunger.


  • Chez Snootée is the name of a French restaurant in the episode "Dumbwaiters" on the show The Angry Beavers.