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You've had a most enlightening, invigorating, and cool chat with your ChibiBuddy™. It also gave you some insight on how to deal with other tiny creatures, like familiars.

Muscle +X%
Mysticality +X%
Moxie +X%
+5 to Familiar Weight

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Effect number: 1167
Description ID: b1db2ea88d890164d84d76258cffd9dc
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Obtained From


  • X is equal to 5*the number of adventures remaining of the effect, capped at +200% (40 duration).
  • Y is equal to 5*the age of your ChibiBuddy™ in days.
  • If over rollover you have ChibiChanged™ and end up with a ChibiBuddy™ (off) restarting to ChibiBuddy™ (on) and getting ChibiChanged™ again before the effect is used up, will extend the existing effect by 5 turns.

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