Chocolate-cherry prairie dog

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Chocolate-cherry prairie dog
Monster ID 1495
Locations Eager Rice Burrows
Hit Points 75% of Monster Defense
Attack Player's Moxie+1 (min 30, max 600)
Defense Player's Muscle+1 (min 30, max 600)
Initiative 0
Meat None
Phylum beast
Elements None
Resistance None
Monster Parts head, leg, tail, torso
candy mountain oyster, chocolate-stained collar
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
chocolate-cherry prairie dog You're fighting a chocolate-cherry prairie dog

Doo-dah, doo-dah. This is a chocolate creature with a chocolate-covered-cherry head (which, one may hope, is full of brandy). It lives in a maze of tunnels and warrens, coming up occasionally to bark at the neighbors or bite the mailman.

Hit Message(s):

It bites you with tiny chocolate teeth. Hey, that was way worse than its bark!

You step into one of the prairie dog tunnels and roll your ankle.

It scrabbles at you with its chocolate claws.

It barks a deafening bark. Your ears bleed a little.

It splashes you with brandy from its chocolate-cherry head. It burns a bit.

Critical Hit Message:

It leaps onto your face, biting and scratching like a rabid D.J. It doesn't stop until you're covered in blood and chocolate.

Miss Message(s):

not known

Fumble Message:

It tries to bite you, but it accidentally bites itself, and since everyone knows dogs are allergic to chocolate, it has to go get its tiny stomach pumped. (FUMBLE!)

After Combat

You scrape some candy off of the walls of the prairie dog's hole.
Chococherry.gifYou acquire an item: candy mountain oyster (? chance)*
Chococollar.gifYou acquire an item: chocolate-stained collar (? chance)*

Occurs at Eager Rice Burrows.


  • After the fight, you will gain some Candy to use at Your House.
  • This monster cannot be copied.