Chorale of Companionship (item)

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Chorale of Companionship
Chorale of Companionship

This song (which, in case you were wondering, sounds like a minor-key version of the theme song from The Andy Griffith Show) is both depressing and inspiring. Hidden in its melancholy strains is a reassurance -- a reassurance that your familiar will always be there for you.

Type: usable
Grants Skill: Chorale of Companionship
Cannot be discarded
NOTE: This item grants a skill that can only be used by Accordion Thieves.

(In-game plural: copies of Chorale of Companionship)
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Item number: 3378
Description ID: 701686239
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Obtained From

The Purple Light District

When Used

You memorize the sheet music, then wad it up and swallow it. Gotta protect your trade secrets, y'know?

You acquire a skill: Chorale.gif Chorale of Companionship

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