Chorizo brownies

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chorizo brownies
chorizo brownies

These are chocolate brownies with big lumps of spicy pork in them. Just like grandma used to make.

Grandma hated you.

Type: food (decent)
Size: 3
Level required: 2
Selling Price: 71 Meat.

(In-game plural: pans of chorizo brownies)
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Item number: 957
Description ID: 739096408
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Obtained From

Attention-Deficit Demon in a Crown of Thrones/Buddy Bjorn
Chef-in-the-box explosion (sometimes)

When Consumed

You eat the chorizo brownies. You feel romantic and Spanish, like Don Juan. In that you Don Juan to ever, ever taste anything like that again.
AdventuresYou gain 3-9 Adventures.
(You gain 3 Fullness.)


  • Don Juan is a fictional Spanish character famous for his womanizing exploits.
  • The consumption message is a pun on the Spanish pronunciation of Don Juan, which is similar to "Don('t) Wan(t)".


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