Clan Gym

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Clan Gym

The Clan Gym was a place where members of a clan could go to exercise and train. There were three pieces of training equipment you could find in the clan gym, each cost 30,000 meat from the Clan Coffer to purchase:

Hobo-Flex Hobo-Flex
Big Book of Magicalness Big Book of Magicalness
Tan-U-Lots Tan-U-Lots


  • The Clan Gym was replaced by the Clan Rumpus Room on October 17, 2006.
  • With the old gym behavior, you could spend as many adventures you like (up to a maximum of however many you have) at any of these machines, and they would give you stats dependent on your level without costing you Meat -- 1 stat point per adventure per level (including partial levels -- e.g., if you were halfway towards getting to level 10 you'll get 9.5 stat points per adventure).
  • Entering an invalid number of adventures, such as a negative, zero, a decimal or a letter, resulted in the message:
    "You don't have a time machine."
  • It is worth noting that, among the huge number of things available to do in the kingdom, this was one of a very small number you can do while drunk.