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The Clan Rumpus Room is a place in the Clan Hall where members of a clan can go to, well, rumpus. Possible rumpus activities include such things as picking up some free meat, scarfing some tasty snacks and sodas, training up character stats, catching some cool tunes, playing the awesome Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game, or just kicking back and recovering from the wear and tear of adventuring. All these rumpus activities require that a member actually visit the Rumpus Room (and click on the appropriate piece of furniture) to participate and benefit from all the rumpussing. Other rumpus room benefits automatically accrue to you at rollover without having to actually visit the Rumpus Room. These include collecting Extra Rollover Adventures and Extra PvP Fights. And "rumpus" doesn't sound like a word anymore.

The good news is that it's all free! (Except that some activities cost an adventure). The bad news is that you can't do any of these things unless your clan has first purchased the requisite piece of furniture. Additionally, clans are limited as to what furniture can be purchased: each spot in the rumpus room can have only one piece of furniture. This piece of furniture is selected from a short list of pieces that are unique to each spot. For example, a clan can fill their Unused Outlet with A Soda Machine or A Jukebox or a Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game, but may never have A Soda Machine and A Jukebox or have multiple Soda Machines. Consequently, clans will have to make some hard choices as to their preferred furniture. These choices are not however fixed in stone - a replacement piece of furniture can purchased for a spot that already has furniture, but the old furniture is destroyed to make way for the new.

Finally, some furniture has a daily limit that governs how often it may be used by each clan member: meat plants, the Awesome Ball Pit, Jukebox and the Old-Timey Radio may only be used once per day by each member, while the Soda Machine, the Snack Machine and Mr. Klaw may only be used three times per day per member. None of these accouterments are available to new clan recruits on their first day in a clan - this prevents "clan hopping" in order to gain extra uses of limited use clan furniture.

The Rumpus Room replaced the Clan Gym on October 17, 2006.

Rumpus Room Furniture Available for Purchase

A Nail in the Wall

No existing furniture message: A solitary nail is stuck in the wall here. Like your every word, nothing is hanging on it.

An Empty Bookshelf

No existing furniture message: This part of the rumpus room contains an empty bookshelf. At least you won't be tempted to judge any books by their covers.

An Unused Outlet

  • Drpoivre.gif A Soda Machine (Members receive delicious, refreshing carbonated beverages - 100,000 Meat)
  • Jukebox.gif A Jukebox (Members can listen to songs, granting beneficial effects - 150,000 Meat)
  • Klaw.gif A Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game (Members can fish for various gift items - 250,000 Meat)

No existing furniture message: This corner contains an unoccupied electrical outlet. You pause briefly to wonder what an electrical outlet is.

An Empty Endtable

No existing furniture message: This endtable has nothing on it. It doesn't even have a beginningtable to complement it.

A Threadbare Rug

No existing furniture message: This threadbare rug is frayed, faded, and completely uninteresting to all but the most die-hard rug enthusiasts.

A Dusty Corner

No existing furniture message: This corner contains nothing but dust. It's a lot of dust, but other than its quantity, there's nothing at all remarkable about it.

An Awesome Ball Pit

  • An Awesome Ball Pit An Awesome Ball Pit is created by using a colorful plastic ball. Balls may be added to the pit, up to a maximum of 10,000 balls. Use of the ball pit bestows 20 turns of Having a Ball! per day.
    • Before the addition of the ball pit, the bottom left corner is an empty space, giving the message: "This corner is bare, like Mother Hubbard's cupboard, or that time before Jack Horner was born."

Empty Spaces

On right side: This is some empty space. It's like most of the other empty space you've seen.

In bottom middle: The space in front of the door is empty. At least nobody will trip over anything on the way in.


  • The message shown when visiting the bottom left corner refers to two nursery rhymes. Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard was so bare, that she couldn't even get her poor dog a bone. Little Jack Horner "sat in a corner", so in the time before he was born, the corner would have been empty.