Clan Stash

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Clan Stash

A Clan Stash is part of the Clan Hall and holds items for a clan.

There are two types of things a Clan Stash can hold: meat and items. The meat is stored in the Clan Coffer.

Any member in a clan can donate whatever they like to the Clan Stash, but only withdraw items at the expense of Clan Karma, unless the member is of a rank which is exempt. Zero karma items can only be withdrawn by specially enabled ranks and there may be a daily limit.

Meat can never be removed from the Clan Coffer once it is in there, but it can still be used. Meat in the stash can be used to buy furniture for the clan in the Clan Rumpus Room, to participate in Clan Warfare, buy Clan Buffs, or to give a clan a higher priority on the clan advertising board. It is also used to dig the Clan Basement, drain Hobopolis and degrease The Slime Tube for the Multiplayer dungeons therein.


  • Attempting to contribute a negative or zero amount of meat to one's Clan Coffer (thereby removing meat from it) or contributing a non-numerical amount yields the message "Don't be a jackass."
  • Attempting to take a non-numerical amount of an item from the Clan Stash yields the message "That doesn't make sense."
  • Clan Karma gained by donating Meat is always rounded down.