Clan Whitelist

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Clan Whitelist

A Clan Whitelist is used to automatically admit certain players into your clan, and assign them rank and title. Unfortunately, there is as of yet no way to automatically accept all players into your clan. The whitelist is limited to players who have been added to it manually. Only the clan leader or people with clan administration privileges can edit the whitelist. The whitelist was originally added to the Membership Roster, but is now housed in the Clan Administration Office in one's Clan Hall.

Whitelisted members can join and leave the clan at will, without waiting for approval. Until mid-2009, leaving the clan resulted in the loss of all Clan Karma. This was changed, and now their karma remains intact when they return.


  • Was added to the game on November 18th, 2005,
    • Jick's description:
      "Due to popular (and by "popular" I mean "Fusilliban's") demand, we've added a Clan Whitelist feature -- you can now create a list of players who will be automatically accepted to your clan (and assigned rank and title) if they apply.
      You'll eventually be able to set a clan permission for this, but for now, it's only available to the clan leader."
  • When whitelisted or de-whitelisted:
    • <clickable clan name> has added you to their whitelist.
    • <clickable clan name> has removed you from their whitelist.