Clockwork counterclockwise dome

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clockwork counterclockwise dome
clockwork counterclockwise dome

This is a dome orientated strictly to widdershins. It's a fine example of gnomish craftsmanship, and also a great excuse to use the word "widdershins." Let's all say it together, shall we? Widdershins widdershins widdershins.

Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: clockwork counterclockwise domes)
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Item number: 1093
Description ID: 958801604
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Flange.gif flange spring sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork doohickey cog sprocket
Equals.gif clockwork counterclockwise dome



  • The word "widdershins", can be a synonym for counterclockwise, originally counter-sunwise.


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