Clockwork crossbow

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clockwork crossbow
clockwork crossbow

Feast your eyes on this miracle of modern firearm technology: the auto-loading, self-winding, precision-targeting clockwork crossbow. Targets not included, but I get the feeling that won't be much of a problem for you.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed crossbow)
Damage: 8 - 16
Moxie Required: 25
Selling Price: 200 Meat.

Ranged Damage +10
+7% chance of Critical Hit
Weakens Monster on Critical Hit

(In-game plural: clockwork crossbows)
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Item number: 1912
Description ID: 928831173
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Flange.gif cog flange spring   cog flange sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork thingamajig cog sprocket clockwork widget spring sprocket  
Flange.gif clockwork rod clockwork shank clockwork key
Equals.gif clockwork crossbow


  • on Critical hit
As you pull the trigger, your clockwork crossbow goes *bleep* and adjusts the angle of your aim slightly to the right. The bolt launches directly into your opponent's eye. Ooooh, it's gonna feel that in the morning.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 3-5
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 3-5


  • While tempting, combining this item with the V for Vivala mask results in the mask's critical hit specials overriding the bow's own. The only mask special that did not explicitly nullify the crossbow's was the extra stats message ... which comes after the monster's defeated, which makes delevelling moot.

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