Club Earth

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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

How much damage does it really do? Is it a stagger, or a stun? If a stun, how long does it last?

Club Earth

Club Earth

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 50

Proper use of this skill involves hitting the ground, preferably with a blunt object, damaging you[sic] opponent and knocking it on its back like a pathetic, impotent turtle on its pathetic, impotent back. Improper use of this skill involves not using this skill.

Source: The Machine (with Seal Clubber and Turtle Tamer in chambers)
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Deal melee damage plus single round stun
When Used:
You draw your weapon back and strike the ground as hard as you can. Take that, planet! And take that opponent, who suffers X damage and is knocked on its back like a sad, sad turtle.


  • Damage appears to be approximately normal melee damage, but opponent cannot attack in the round.
  • Can only be used once per combat
Dreadsylvanian Class-Crossed Skills - edit
Dv skullcap.gif Accordion Thief Disco Bandit Sauceror Pastamancer Turtle Tamer
Seal Clubber Song of the North
10 Adv, 100 MP
weapon dmg +100%, cold damage +50
Grab a Cold One
1/day summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Cold One
(???-quality booze)
combat skill, 25 MP
hot melee group damage
Carbohydrate Cudgel
combat skill, 30 MP
kill monster with dry noodles
Club Earth
combat skill, 50 MP
melee damage + 1 round stun
Turtle Tamer Song of Slowness
10 Adv, 100 MP
+50% initiative
Conspiratorial Whispers
combat skill, 25 MP
damage + delevel every round
does not cost combat round
combat skill, 30 MP, Prevent damage & deal ~80 hot dmg
combat skill, 35 MP
Spooky and physical damage, with multiround decay
Pastamancer Song of Starch
10 Adv, 100 MP
+50% max HP
Shadow Noodles
combat skill, 30 MP, 3-5 round stun + 8-10 delevel
Spaghetti Breakfast
1/day summoning skill, 30 MP
obtain Spaghetti breakfast
(???-quality food)
Sauceror Song of Sauce
10 Adv, 100 MP
+100% spell dmg, +50 hot dmg, +50 dmg to hot spells
combat skill, 30 MP
heals ~55 dmg
does not cost combat round
Disco Bandit Song of Bravado
10 Adv, 100 MP
+15% all attributes