Coal snakeskin

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coal snakeskin
coal snakeskin

This coal-black snakeskin is still hot! It's like it's haunted with the ghost of fire! Except no, the ghost of fire is... smoke.

Type: usable
Selling Price: 300 Meat.

Adds Spooky Damage to kicks with your cowboy boots

(In-game plural: coal snakeskins)
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Obtained From

Investigating a Plaintive Telegram
coal snake (when using a western-style skinning knife)

When Used

You replace all of the skin parts of your cowboy boots with this skin.

Or, if you do not have cowboy boots:

You don't have any cowboy boots to put this skin on.


  • The skin is not consumed on use if you do not have cowboy boots to use them on.
  • It is consumed even if you are replacing an identical skin covering for your boots.

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