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Cocktailcrafting is the fine art of mixing drinks. Mixing drinks always results in a drink that is better than the ingredients used to make it. Anyone can mix normal drinks, but drinks that use fancy ingredients can be mixed only by players with Advanced Cocktailcrafting, the best drinks are created by those who have Superhuman Cocktailcrafting talents, and underwater drinks require Salacious Cocktailcrafting.

You cannot mix your own drinks unless you have a My First Shaker™ or Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit installed in your campsite kitchen. Normal drinks may be mixed without costing an adventure. Fancy drinks require the Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit to be installed, and cost an adventure unless either a bartender-in-the-box or a clockwork bartender-in-the-box is installed in your campsite. However, after a certain number of uses your bartender will explode, providing you with a random assortment of its component parts and booze items—including some drinks that cannot be obtained by any other means.

The fine details of individual recipes and drink effects can be found on the respective items' pages. There are also complete, no-frills lists of drinks (alphabetically or by potency) and ingredients. Here's a complete drink list; not all of these require cocktailcrafting.

For those who don't want to read all their recipes from the list above, but still would like a little help, reading the correct book in The Haunted Library may help.

Drink Categories | Drinking Mechanics | Drinking Strategies | Best Booze | Drinks By Ingredient | Drink Matrix


  • If you try to mix a drink without either cocktailcrafting kit, you will get the message:
How can you make cocktails without a Cocktailcrafting kit?
  • If you try to mix a drink without either kit installed and have just the My First Shaker™ in inventory, you will get the message:
Looks like you have a My First Shaker™. You just need to Install It?
Looks like you have a Queue Du Coq cocktailcrafting kit. You just need to Install It?


  • The button clicked in order to cook is labelled "bake", while the cocktailcrafting button is labelled "shake", and together they refer to the cooking product Shake and Bake.
  • Much of the content of this section was originally ported here by ePeterso2 from his Bartending Guide. Thanks to everyone who took that content and morphed it into the very cool structure it has today.

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