Copse of the Deep Fat Friars

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The Copse of the Deep Fat Friars is in The Distant Woods. From here, you must find 3 items from the following areas in order to cleanse the taint:


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After completing the Friars Quest, The Deep Fat Friars' Gate leads to Pandamonium, and the 3 sections of the Woods are replaced by 3 Brothers of the Deep Fat Friars. You may receive a buff from one of the Friars per day:


  • A narrow passage is called a neck, a sharp turn in a passage is called an elbow, and the center of a location is called a heart. These terms are used in analogy to how these anatomical parts look, but here they almost suggest that the Woods is a living creature.
  • "Deep Fat Friars" is of course wordplay on "deep fat fryer", the common kitchen appliance.