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Spadebal.gif There are some vague or non-exact figures and information on this page. Some spading is required.

Some monsters are too scary to copy, and some are too special to copy - which ones are which? See talk page for more info

Copying is a mechanic that was initially added to the game with the Spooky Putty sheet in January 2009. The mechanic allows you to copy a monster while fighting it, allowing you to later refight it, the only exceptions to this being the fax machine, which will let you copy a monster someone else has fought, and Rain Man, which will let you fight a monster that you have previously encountered. Copying can be used to easily farm items, or to bypass daily caps on fighting certain monsters.

Just about all non-boss monsters in the game can be copied, but even some non-bosses are exempt.

Methods of Copying

Source Monster Item Daily Limit Notes
Spooky Putty sheet
Spooky Putty monster
5-6 Shared limit: five with one item, six with both
Rain-Doh black box
Rain-Doh box full of monster
print screen button
screencapped monster
None Obtained by using the SPEND link on BACON dropped by the Intergnat. Costs 111 BACON to obtain with a limit of 1 obtainable per day.
portable photocopier
or Clan fax machine
photocopied monster
  • The photocopier can create a single new copy.
  • Any photocopied monster can be put into a fax machine.
  • The fax machine can produce unlimited copies.
4-d camera
shaking 4-d camera
1 Can be used in Bad Moon
crappy camera
shaking crappy camera
1 Has a 50% chance of failing
unfinished ice sculpture
ice sculpture
1 Obtained by using 3 snow berries and 3 ice harvest from the Winter Garden.
alpine watercolor set
N/A 1
pulled green taffy
envyfish egg
1 Works underwater only
Rain Man
N/A None Costs 50 drops of rain to cast, and will, then, begin combat with a monster of your choice. This monster must have been encountered in any Heavy Rains run and/or have been examined at least casually.
sticky clay homunculus
crude monster sculpture
crayon shavings
wax bugbear
None Only works against Bugbear Invasion challenge path bugbears
N/A (3) Costs 3 Time-Spinner minutes (10 minutes available per day). The monster must have been fought recently enough to still be in the combat adventure queue.
Gbottle open.gif
genie bottle
N/A 3 Using either the Genie bottle or Pocket wish allows you to wish to fight any copy-able monster (limited to wishing for 3 fights per day).
pocket wish
Pocket Professor
N/A Variable
  • Performed via a lecture on relativity; number of uses is dependent on the familiar's weight.
  • The copied monster will be fought immediately after the current encounter, effectively creating a chained combat in the same zone.
backup camera
N/A 11 Through Back-Up to your Last Enemy, which replaces your current monster with the last copiable monster you fought. Can be used repeatedly for a chain of the same monster, and allows for gear changing in between. Requires camera to be worn to use skill. Can be used 16 times instead of 11 during You, Robot.
N/A By Spleen Through Be Gregarious, which adds the copied monster as a native encounter to any zone until it has been encountered this way 3 times. Each charge is 2 spleen.
cloning kit
cloned monster
5 Obtained from the Gift Fabrication Lab at Site Alpha Research Facility, North Pole during Crimbo 2021 for 10 of each type of gooified matter.
combat lover's locket
N/A 3 Stores copies of any monster you fight while it is equipped, and three stored monsters per day can be fought by using the locket. The list of stored monsters persists through rollover and across ascensions, but only one of a given monster can be fought per day.


  • Combat against a copy does not technically take place in the zone from which the monster originated. For instance, a copy of a monster from an underwater zone can be fought without suffering any penalties associated with fighting underwater, and does not require underwater breathing methods for you or your familiar.
  • The copied monster can be summoned and fought even if you are falling-down drunk, as long as you aren't out of adventures. This is because it invokes combat.php directly instead of adventure.php.
  • The daily limit works slightly differently for Spooky Putty/Rain-Doh than the other items. With Spooky Putty/Rain-Doh, you can make only five copies per day, whereas with the others you can fight only one copy per day. This distinction can be important if you keep the copy overnight, or use a fax machine.
  • If you possess both the Spooky Putty and the Rain-Doh, the shared counter for copying increases to 6 if both are used on the same day.
  • Fighting copied ducks from McMillicancuddy's Farm after the war will count against your daily limit. However, you can continue to fight copied ducks past this limit. (That is, if your limit is 10 ducks, and you fight 5 copied ducks first, you can then only fight 5 more ducks at the Farm. However, if you fight all 10 ducks at the farm first, you can then fight 5 more copied ducks as well.)

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