Crazy bastard sword

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crazy bastard sword
crazy bastard sword

This is the sword formerly wielded by a crazy bastard. He wanted to hit you with it, but instead, you hit him with something and took it. Go, you!

Type: weapon (1-handed sword)
Damage: 13 - 25
Muscle Required: 25
Cannot be discarded

Weapon Damage +30
+10% chance of Critical Hit
+6 PvP fight(s) per day when equipped.

(In-game plural: crazy bastard swords)
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Item number: 875
Description ID: 762223212
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Obtained From

The Sleazy Back Alley
crazy bastard (occurs ultra rarely)
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
The Raffle House


  • Pulverizing this item yields an ultimate wad in addition to the expected 3 twinkly nuggets.
  • On October 1st, 2008, after much discussion of the stainless steel shillelagh's advantages over it, this item's enchantments were upgraded. They were previously Muscle +10, Melee Damage +15, and 3x chance of Critical Hit.
  • Second prize in The Raffle House on February 12, 2008.
  • There exists a stuffed version of this item.
  • Before May 1, 2012 this used to give 7 extra PvP fights.


  • A certain type of longsword can also be referred to as a "bastard sword". A bastard sword is typically larger and is often referred to as a "hand-and-a-half sword."
  • The description text is a reference to the They Might Be Giants song Bastard Wants to Hit Me, "Some crazy bastard wants to hit me".

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