Crazy hobo notebook

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crazy hobo notebook
crazy hobo notebook

You got this notebook off of a wino who'd been trapped in Lord Spookyraven's cellar for Grod knows how long. It appears to be a rough dictionary of sorts, for hobo glyphs. You know the sort of thing -- the little marks that hobos draw on walls to identify places where you can get a free handout, or to warn about muggers, or so forth.

Except the ones in this notebook appear to be things like "The Formless One approaches", or "beware of nightgaunts", or "in praise of the soul eater". Also they kind of writhe when you look at them, and it makes you a little uncomfortable.

Type: combat item
Selling Price: 180 Meat.

Deals Spooky Damage every round to every monster you fight today in the zone where you used it

(In-game plural: crazy hobo notebooks)
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Item number: 7371
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Obtained From

The Haunted Wine Cellar
mad wino

When Used

  • When used in combat:
You find a piece of chalk and scratch out one of the glyphs from that crazy notebook. As you do so, the chalk turns black, and the notebook page you were copying catches fire. You throw the book away and carry on regardless, just managing to finish the glyph before your chalk transmutes entirely into oily sludge. You're left with a writhing sigil on the ground, and a feeling like when you eat something rotten, except you can taste it with your entire body.
  • If already active in zone:
You already drew one of those horrifying glyphs near here. You're too scared to draw another one.
  • On that round and subsequent rounds, including future combats in the zone for that day:

<He> accidentally breathes in some fumes from that creepy hobo glyph you drew, and has a spasm of wet, wracking coughs to the tune of X damage.


When your opponent sees the hobo glyph you drew earlier, <he> shudders so hard, <he> takes X damage from whiplash.


You hear some kind of infernal whispering coming from that hobo glyph you drew on the ground. You opponent apparently hears it too, judging by the X damage <it's> done, clawing at <its> ears.


You hear a sinister whistling noise from the vicinity of the hobo glyph you drew, and your opponent takes X damage as <its> nervous system starts to break down.


<He> sees the hobo glyph you drew, and starts bleeding profusely from the eyeballs. It's about X damage worth of blood.


When <he> sees the hobo glyph you drew on the ground, all the blood drains out of <his> face. Like, right out, onto the floor. <He> takes X damage.


<It> notices that creepy hobo glyph you drew earlier and goes white as a sheet, suffering X damage.


<It> sees the creepy hobo glyph you drew, and takes X damage. You can practically hear the fuse pop in <its> brain.


That creepy hobo glyph you drew suddenly flares with light, and your opponent takes X damage from... well, you don't see anything, but those claw marks look pretty real.


<He> sees the creepy hobo glyph you drew, and attempt[sic] to claw out <his> own eyeballs. <He> isn't entirely successful, but <he> does manage to cause X damage.


<It> sees the creepy hobo glyph you drew earlier, and take[sic] X from a screaming migrane[sic] headache. Literally screaming.



  • Grod is one of the four faces of a deity in Adventure Time, whose name is frequently taken in vain.


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