Crimbuccaneer tattoo gift certificate

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Crimbuccaneer tattoo gift certificate
Crimbuccaneer tattoo gift certificate

This certificate entitles the bearer to one Crimbuccaneer tattoo, provided you can convince someone to accept it.

Type: usable

(In-game plural: Crimbuccaneer tattoo gift certificates)
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Item number: 11493
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Obtained From

Crimbo Town (2023)
Crimbuccaneer Foundry (2,000 Crimbuccaneer pieces of 12)

When Used

  • With the tattoo:
You've already got a Crimbuccaneer tattoo.
  • Without the tattoo:
You take the certificate down to the docks and hand it to the first pirate you see. He doesn't know what a Crimbuccaneer is, but he draws you a pretty good tattoo anyway.
Leaves Tattoo You have unlocked a new tattoo.


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