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  • A critical hit occurs randomly (with a 9% chance, subject to certain modifiers) when hitting with a ranged or melee attack, as well as when casting spells as of August 12, 2009. A critical hit will always hit the monster, regardless of your actual hit chance. It also increases the amount of damage you deal to your opponent. Specifically, it doubles the weapon power component of the damage:
 weapon damage = (a term based on your stats vs. monster's defense)
                 + Main weapon damage × crit × tsfactor            
                 + Offhand weapon damage
                 + bonus melee damage                              
                 + bonus elemental damage
 spell damage = (crit × base spell damage + bonus absolute spell damage) × (1 + bonus percent spell damage)
  • For a comprehensive list of all items that affect the critical hit percentage for weapon attacks, see Critical Hit Chance.
  • For a comprehensive list of all items that affect spell critical hit, see Critical Spell Chance.

Note: Critical hits also apply to healing spells, with the text replaced with 'CRITICAL HEAL!'

Also note that if you would normally miss or make a glancing blow, and instead get a successful critical hit then it changes it to a normal hit, not a full crit.

Monster Critical Hits

Monsters can critical hit too -- but a monster critical hit doesn't cause you any extra damage; it just succeeds in hitting when it otherwise would have missed. Monster critical hits, like monster fumbles, occur with a 6% chance per round. Thus, the total chance of abnormal monster behavior in any given round is 12%.

Special Interactions

Several mechanics in the Kingdom interact specially with critical hits:

V for Vivala mask critical hit effects will override most other special effects from critical hits. The exception is the end-of-combat stat bonus from the V for Vivala mask.