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This is a d8. If you know what one of these is, chances are you haven't gone on many d8s! Ha ha. Nerd.

Type: usable (also usable in combat)
Cannot be discarded

Deals Prismatic Damage based on your Level

(In-game plural: d8s)
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Item number: 5287
Description ID: 468182938
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Obtained From

Summon Dice

When Used

  • In combat:
You toss the die and use the proper verbal, somatic and material components (the material component is, conveniently, the die itself) to cast Elton's Fabulous Color Spray for Xd8!

You shield your eyes as <it> suffers Xd8 (+Xd8) (+Xd8) (+Xd8) (+Xd8) damage.

  • From inventory:
You find a bag on the ground next to the apothecary's shop, and roll Xd8 to see how many healing potions are in the bag. Turns out it's Y.
Potion1.gifYou acquire Y generic healing potions


  • The number of d8s rolled for damage is (<level>+1)/3, rounded up.
Level Range xd8 Damage Range
1-2 1 1-8
3-5 2 2-16
6-8 3 3-24
9-11 4 4-32
12-14 5 5-40
... ... ...
  • Damage for each of the elements is calculated separately.
  • Due to its prismatic nature and high availability, this is an excellent combat item to use against Frosty.

See Also

Summoned Dice
Die Combat Use Single Use Multi-use
d4 Delevels enemy generic restorative potions 100 Fight a family of kobolds
d6 Stuns enemy with Cold Damage generic mana potions 3 stat gain, up to 3 times per day
d8 Deals Prismatic Damage generic healing potions none
d10 Delevels enemy Fight random monster 2 stat gain, HP loss and a dungeon dragon chest
d12 Deals random damage 10 turns of Bastard! varies Moving Target trophy (sometimes)
d20 Deals Hot Damage 1 turn of Natural 20 or Natural 1 20 20-400 turns of 20/20 Vision


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