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Dark Gyffte is the Spring 2019 special challenge path, introduced on February 15th, 2019. This path adds variant rules and restrictions to an ascension run. Its description in The Bureau of Reincarnation reads "Live a grim facsimile of life as a powerful Vampyre."


Class and skills
  • None of your permed skills are available.
  • No class is picked during reincarnation. Instead your class will be Vampyre, which has its own distinct skill set. Your main stat is Mysticality.
  • You will not be accepted into any of the guilds. You will not be able to use a guild to unlock any quests or areas.
Hmm, eternal creature of blood and darkness doesn't really mesh well with the guild concept.
  • Stomach is size 5.
  • Liver is size 4. Players will become intoxicated upon reaching a drunkenness level of 5.
  • You cannot eat non-blood food:
You aren't interested in non-blood foodstuffs.
  • You can not drink non-blood booze:
You aren't interested in non-blood beverages.
  • You may only consume foods and booze crafted from blood bags:
Craft blood bag with: Result Type Adv. gain
wad of dough bloodstick food, size 1 11 Adventures
batgut or ratgut actual blood sausage food, size 1 14 Adventures
plain snowcone blood snowcone food, size 1 17 Adventures
blackberry blood roll-up food, size 1 20 Adventures
filthy poultice or gauze garter blood-soaked sponge cake food, size 1 23 Adventures
fermenting powder bottle of Sanguiovese booze, size 1 11 Adventures
spices mulled blood booze, size 1 14 Adventures
glass of goat's milk Red Russian booze, size 1 17 Adventures
Any dusty bottle of wine dusty bottle of blood booze, size 1 20 Adventures
carbonated soy milk or Monstar energy beverage vampagne booze, size 1 23 Adventures
  • Your base HP is based off your unbuffed (black) Muscle stat.
  • Only absolute +Max HP bonuses will give extra maximum HP. Neither muscle buffs nor percentage-based +Maximum HP bonuses have any effect.
  • All non-vampyric means of directly restoring HP (such as healing items and other oddities) will fail to regain any HP. The only ways of regaining HP are through Dark Feast, Sanguine Magnetism, consuming a blood bag, passive HP Regeneration (regenerate X HP per adventure), and going into Torpor, either by resting in your coffin (in your campground), or upon losing a fight.
  • You do not have access to any familiars. Trying to bring a familiar with you will give the message:
Familiars can't abide your spooky presence.
  • Vampyres have no MP so any skills that cost MP cannot be used (eg: Incredible Self-Esteem).
  • Vampyres cannot enter The Sea. Clicking An Old Man gives the following message:
    That shack you saw on the main map was just a picture of a shack drawn on the ground.
  • Standard restrictions apply while Dark Gyffte is the current challenge path. These restrictions were lifted on May 15, 2019.
  • It is not possible to read skill books:
    Vampyres only go out when it's too dark to read..


Vampyrevatar.gif Vampyrevatar f.gif
  • When wearing outfits, the outfit avatar overrides this avatar, as normal. A custom avatar is not affected.


Vampyre skills consume HP instead of MP. The Vampyre skill tree is accessed in Torpor, which you can reach by retiring to your coffin at your campsite for 1 adventure or by losing in combat (which will still cost 1 turn).

Rather than purchasing new skills for meat or avatar points, you may learn skills from 3 trees while in Torpor by reducing your available base HP.

  • You can skip ranks within a skill tree.
  • Vampyres can reconfigure their skills while in Torpor, learning and unlearning any skills so long as they retain an unbuffed base HP of 1 or more. Unlearning a skill refunds its base HP cost.
  • Base HP is your HP before adding Maximum HP modifiers. Base HP can only be increased by gaining base Muscle (and through path specific progression as detailed below.) Effects and enchantments that grant +Maximum HP do not increase the pool of base HP available to learn skills. Effects and enchantments that grant +Maximum HP% do not increase your HP at all.
  • Losing in combat sends you to Torpor and costs an adventure, even if it was a free fight. Unlike Actually Ed the Undying, you will not return to the fight. After exiting Torpor, you will regain full HP and will not be Beaten Up.

You begin with two skills and 22 base HP to spend on learning skills:

Note: In the table below, the "Cost" column lists the amount of base HP used to learn the skill. The "Type" column lists the amount of current HP consumed each time you use the skill.

Rank Beastcraft Haemoturgy Aesthesis
Name Cost Type Effect Name Cost Type Effect Name Cost Type Effect
1 Savagebite.gif
Savage Bite
10 HP Combat
3 HP
Deals double your buffed Muscle as damage Bloodspike.gif
Blood Spike
20 HP Combat
3 HP
Deals buffed Mysticality +20 as damage Celesteyes.gif
Piercing Gaze
20 HP Combat
3 HP
Deals buffed Moxie +30 as damage and delevels by 25% of your foe's attack
2 Crush.gif
20 HP Combat
10 HP
Deals 75% of a monster's HP in damage (up to 200) Fchain.gif
Blood Chains
15 HP Combat
5 HP
Stuns an opponent for several rounds Famspirit.gif
Perceive Soul
15 HP Combat
15 HP
Memorizes the pattern of a monster's soul, making you more likely to encounter it in the future.
3 Echo.gif
Baleful Howl
30 HP Combat
30 HP
Free runaway and banishes a foe for the rest of the day
Limit 10/day
Chill of the Tomb
10 HP Combat
7 HP
Deals buffed Mysticality +30 as Cold damage and staggers Handcuffs.gif
20 HP Combat
30 HP
Binds an enemy to your service, gain an ensorcelee that has effects in combat
Limit 3/day
4 Grrrrr.gif
Ceaseless Snarl
15 HP Non-combat
10 HP
Ceaseless Snarling (20 Adv)
+30 Monster Level
Blood Cloak
20 HP Non-combat
10 HP
Cloak of Shadows (20 Adv)
-15% Combat Frequency
Elements small.gif
Spectral Awareness
10 HP Non-combat
10 HP
Spectral Awareness (20 Adv)
+2 Elemental Resistance to all elements
5 Wolfmask.gif
Wolf Form
20 HP Non-combat
10 HP
Intrinsic form:
+150% Muscle
+150% Meat Drops
Mist Form
30 HP Non-combat
10 HP
Intrinsic form:
+200 Damage Absorption
+20 Damage Reduction
+4 Elemental Resistance to all elements
Batflock small.gif
Flock of Bats Form
20 HP Non-combat
10 HP
Intrinsic form:
+150% Combat Initiative
+150% Item Drops
6 Strboost.gif
Preternatural Strength
15 HP Passive Your Muscle cannot be lower than your Mysticality Vampmadness.gif
Madness of Untold Aeons
25 HP Passive +150% Mysticality Sinistercharm.gif
Sinister Charm
15 HP Passive Your Moxie cannot be lower than your Mysticality
7 Meat.gif
Flesh Scent
5 HP Passive +100% Meat Drops Hypeyes.gif
Hypnotic Eyes
5 HP Passive You can Darkly Feast on enemies with up to 100 HP, and Feasting Darkly is more effective Regularbat.gif
Batlike Reflexes
15 HP Passive +75% Combat Initiative
8 Angry.gif
10 HP Passive Your combat skills do 50% more damage Realbrain.gif
Macabre Cunning
20 HP Passive +5 Stats per Fight Eyesleft.gif
Sharp Eyes
30 HP Passive +100% Item Drops
9 Intimidate.gif
Intimidating Aura
30 HP Passive Gain 2 more blood bags from the Blood Bank each day Blooddrops.gif
Sanguine Magnetism
15 HP Passive Recover some HP after each combat Blueprint.gif
Spot Weakness
15 HP Passive Weakens foes at the start of combat


The skill Ensorcel allows you to capture a monster as your "ensorcelee," which acts like a familiar in combat. Ensorcel ends combat like a free runaway and can only be used 3 times per day. If you unlearn the skill, your ensorcelee will become inactive, but it will return when you regain the skill.

The function and strength of your ensorcelee is determined by its Monster Type and the monster's attack power. Effects with "(cloake)" note get a 25% bonus to their effectiveness while the vampyric cloake is equipped. (List of ensorcels affected by cloake is probably incomplete.)

Monster type Effect Strength Cap
Beast Increases meat drop 40% of Attack, rounded down (cloake) 300%
Bug Increases item drop 20% of Attack, rounded down (cloake) 300%
Constellation Sleaze Damage TBD (cloake)
Construct Increases Damage Reduction 1/15 of Attack
Demon Hot Damage TBD (cloake)
Dude HP regen 1/20 of Attack (cloake)
Elemental Increases resistance to all elements Attack/50, rounded up 30
Elf Increases candy drops 20% of Attack, rounded down (cloake) 300%
Fish Stench Damage TBD (cloake)
Goblin Blocks the first enemy attack of each combat 1 attack
Hippy Gives Mysticality substats post-combat TBD 6 Myst/combat
Hobo Stench Damage TBD (cloake)
Horror Spooky Damage TBD (cloake)
Humanoid Physical damage TBD (cloake)
Mer-Kin Sleaze Damage TBD (cloake)
Orc Gives Muscle substats post-combat TBD
Penguin Cold Damage TBD (cloake)
Pirate Gives Moxie substats post-combat TBD
Plant Increases Monster Level 10% of Attack, rounded down
Slime Increases initiative 40% of Attack, rounded down
Undead Weakens enemies at the start of combat (Attack/10)% of monster stats (cloake)
Weird Prismatic Damage TBD (cloake)


Each skill tree has a form skill that grants a powerful intrinsic: Wolf Form, Mist Form, and Flock of Bats Form. While active, a form prevents the use of combat and noncombat skills from the other two trees. Transforming removes buffs from incompatible skills, so you can't just keep buffs from before transforming. You can only have one form active at a time; casting one form while another is already active will remove the previous form.

Forms are deactivated in Torpor, or by using the skill again to drop the Form.

Skill progression

Each normal (softcore) Dark Gyffte ascension completed grants +20 base HP in future Dark Gyffte runs, and each hardcore Dark Gyffte ascension completed grants +40 base HP. This progression is capped at +460 base HP, and a full-power Vampyre will begin the ascension with 482 base HP.

This path's skill bucket is a bucket of ancient Vampyre blood, sold in Mr. Store for one Uncle Buck. It grants +20 base HP in your future Dark Gyffte runs, sharing the cap with HP earned from ascensions.


See The Council of Loathing/Dark Gyffte



  • Finishing a Dark Gyffte run while it was the current special challenge path -- between February 15th, 2019, and May 15th, 2019 -- gave players a Booke of Vampyric Knowledge upon defeating %alucard%, along with 100 (in Hardcore) or 50 (in Normal) extra karma points the next time they visited Valhalla.
  • A class tattoo is obtained when starting the path.
    • A sparkly class tattoo is obtained at the start of any run following your first Hardcore Dark Gyffte run.
  • Players will receive a Thwaitgold mosquito statuette each time they complete a run.


  • The Belmont family line encountered throughout each ascension will have a random name per player per ascension. The wordbucket for this can be found Here. If you have a Monster Manuel, bosses with such names will update accordingly.


  • A large portion of this challenge path, primarily the bosses and their family trees, are a reference to Castlevania, a video game series developed by Konami.
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