Deep Enough to Dive

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Deep Enough to Dive
Deep Enough to Dive

You stomp around the Heap, looking for somebody with whom to pick a fight, but the mounds of garbage are entirely unoccupied. You're just about to give up when you see something in the distance -- a normal-sized dumpster.

You get a little closer, and come to the realization that it's not normal-sized at all -- it's a slightly-larger-than-normal-sized dumpster!

You get even closer, and realize that you were wrong again -- it is, in fact, a very large dumpster. The largest you've ever seen, in fact!

On the side is a crudely spray-painted message: PROPERTY OF OSCUS. GO AWAY. You don't like the tone of that message. You are filled with a desire to teach its writer a lesson, and with the sudden, inexplicable knowledge that said writer is inside the dumpster at this very moment.

Wig out, climb in, throw down

Oscus pokes his head out of the top of the dumpster as you approach.

  • If someone else has already entered combat with Oscus:

You start to climb into the dumpuster, but you hear the sound of your clanmate <name> locked in combat with somebody inside it. You should probably wait until they're done.

  • If Oscus has already been defeated:

You climb into the dumpster, but find it empty. Looks like somebody else already took care of whoever was living in here.

  • Otherwise:
Oscus This monster is a Hobo -- (edit metadata)

Do like the sign says

Dumpsters are for chumpsters, that's what you always say. Or at least that's what you say right now.

Occurs at The Heap.


  • This adventure only occurs when The Heap is clear of hobos.


  • The title of this adventure references the practice of dumpster diving, which is literally diving in to dumpsters for food or whatever else you can find.
  • "Deep enough to dive" is also a lyric to the song "The Dam at Otter Creek" by the band Live.