Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game

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Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game

A Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game is located in every Clan VIP Lounge. It may be used three times per day and like other once-a-days, it may be used again after ascending.

When "Used"

  • On first through third use:
    You carefully guide the claw over a prize and press the button (which is mahogany inlaid with mother-of-pearl -- very nice!) -- the claw slowly descends...
    • On successful use:
      The claw closes with the prize firmly in its grasp! It moves back to the chute to deliver your booty.
      Klaw.gifYou acquire an item: random Deluxe Mr. Klaw "Skill" Crane Game reward
    • On failed use:
      Unfortunately, the claw slips off of the prize without grabbing it. Ah well.
  • After third use:
    You probably shouldn't play with this machine any more today -- you wouldn't want to look greedy in front of the other VIPs, would you?

Possible Winnings

Familiar (<1% chance per play):

Enchanted Equipment (~1% chance per play):

Stuffed Animals/Stuffies (~2-3% chance per play):

Stuffed Treasure (~5-6% chance per play):

Nothing (~2/3 chance per play)