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DemonStar game cabinet is located in The Game Grid Arcade.

You drop your token into the DemonStar machine, and push "1P". The game makes a tinny explosion noise, and the screen fills with bright dots of light. Your head starts to feel strange; your vision swims and fades to black...

You slowly come to, sitting in what appears to be the cockpit of a small sleek spaceship. Little lights twinkle brightly across the dashboard like stars, and through the viewscreen, little stars twinkle brightly across space like the dashboard of the ship.

"Powering up," says a tinny voice from nowhere. "Routing power to main shields. Shields at deflection capacity 90. Routing power to main blaster array. Blasters set to power level 50."

"Is that a lot?" you ask.

"Mission parameters set. Mission goals: Goal one: Warp to space sector X-255, also known as the Demon Zone."

"That... doesn't sound like a nice place."

"Goal two: Mine asteroids to collect blurstite crystals. These crystals will be converted into high-energy blurstium charges."

"You mean like bombs? Okay, I'm down with having some bombs if I'm going to be in a place called the "Demon Zone". Seriously though, isn't there some way I can opt out of this?"

"Goal three: Use the blurstium charges to destroy the giant evil antonymous battlestation known as the DemonStar."


"End mission parameter readout."

"I'm getting paid for this, right?"

"Entering lightspeed warp."

"...I'm going to assume that means 'no'."

You're slammed back into your seat as the stars in the viewport elongate to long bright streaks. After a short interval of time, the ship comes to a sudden stop. The stars blink back to single points of light, and you manage to just avoid slamming your head into the dash.

A radar screen blinks on. You take a moment to take stock of your surroundings and decide what the heck you're going to do about this mess.

Bombs: 0 Score: 0
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Whitedot.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Demonstarworker.gif Warrior.gif
Blackdot.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Whitedot.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Whitedot.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif
Blank.gif Blank.gif

Attack Warrior
Attack Worker
Release Bomb
Walk Away


  • You're a little ship, piloting around to different sectors. Prior to the DemonStar, there are three types of encounters in a given sector: asteroids, workers, or warriors. Asteroids will generally show up on your radar as Whitedot.gif and warriors as Blackdot.gif.
  • Workers and warriors keep moving while you are mining.
  • Warriors will pursue you, but cannot move diagonally. They will interrupt you if they enter your sector when you are mining.
  • Depending on the strength of your weapons, asteroids can be mined for blurstium. Workers can be destroyed to steal the blurstium they carry, but can also steal yours.
  • The strength of your laser is your weapon's base power/4. Weaker weapons can mine ore from asteroids, but will be less effective against workers and warriors. Stronger weapons will blow the asteroids and their blurstium to smithereens.
  • The strength of your shields is a function of your damage absorption.
  • The goal of the game is destroy the DemonStar, which appears on your radar as Demondot.gif.
  • Defeating the DemonStar unlocks the sinister demon mask.


  • A laser power of 20 has the best chance of mining successfully; use a weapon with 80 power (8-16 damage) such as the lead yo-yo.
  • When DemonStar announces that he's alive, drop a bomb. It will say that it's going in a direction; go the opposite way. (If it says that it's going southeast, go northwest.) Demonstar will never catch you if you constantly run away from where the bomb is going.
  • Destroying the DemonStar takes 13 bombs. Drones between you and the DemonStar can absorb bombs, so you will likely want more than 13.
  • It is **not** necessary to collect enough bombs for 100% capacity.
  • Collecting crystals when the bomb bay is at 100% capacity (20 bombs) does not award points.
  • If you are too close to DemonStar when he wakes up, he will catch you immediately.
  • The playing field is 7 sectors in each direction and wraps around.


  • This game is basically a browser version of Sinistar.