Dew yoana salacious lei

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dew yoana salacious lei
dew yoana salacious lei

This is a dew yoana lei, one of those salty Dive Bar cocktails, but this one is rimmed with an extra layer of super-salty seaode salt. It'll help you ponder the mysteries of the universe, like "why has my tongue turned into beef jerky?"

Type: booze (good)
Potency: 4
Level required: 8
Selling Price: 215 Meat.

(In-game plural: dew yoana salacious leii)
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Item number: 3770
Description ID: 315178248
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Shaker.gif slug of rum sea honeydew  
Saltshaker.gif dew yoana lei seaode
Equals.gif dew yoana salacious lei

When Consumed

You drink the dew yoana salacious lei. You'd need a higher salary to drink another one.
AdventuresYou gain 10-14 Adventures.
You gain 61-119 Wizardliness.
Liver.gifYou acquire an effect: Brined Liver
(duration: 30 Adventures)
You gain 4 Drunkenness.


  • Try reading the name out loud, keeping in mind what "salacious" actually means.
  • The consumption message refers to the etymology of the word "salary", which comes from the Latin word for salt.


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