Diabolic pizza

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diabolic pizza
diabolic pizza

A delicious nutritious artisinal likely edible pizza from the depths of your diabolic pizza oven! It's as hot as the inferno, so be careful not to burn the roof of your mouth.

Type: food (???)
Size: 3
Cannot be discarded
This item will disappear at the end of the day.

(In-game plural: diabolic pizzas)
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Item number: 10336
Description ID: 820781574
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Obtained From

Your Workshed
diabolic pizza cube
Chez Snootée (sometimes) (15 Meat)

When Consumed

As you eat your pizza, you have a seat and just "stay a while and listen" to the sound of your own chewing.
AdventuresYou gain X Adventures.
You gain +10X Strongness.
You gain +10Y Smarm.
(You gain 3 Fullness.)
SomethingYou acquire an effect: ... something
(duration: ? Adventures)[[Data:{{{effect}}}]]


  • No matter the ingredients, every pizza will always: have a customized name, give an effect, give adventures and stats, as well as having an additional "effect".
    • If purchased from Chez Snootée, however, it will always give 0 adventures and no other benefits (although pizza lover still works), regardless of whether or not you've previously made such a pizza yourself. It will still count for consumption history purposes, however.
    • If you do not have the pizza cube, the name will be unchanged and will not display an effect; if you do, it will display the most recently made pizza. The result will be the same regardless.
      • If a diabolic pizza is eaten from a quantum taco, it will keep the traits of the last pizza created.
  • Further spading information is in the spreadsheet Supreme Diabolic Pizza Cube Spading Spreadsheet (deluxe).

Pizza Name Generation

  • Instead of "diabolic", the pizza's name will be composed of (average of 1 per unique ingredient):
various words coming from the ingredients
either "plain", "normal", "average" or "ordinary" if the ingredients have too few valid words
"muscular" if at least 1 ingredient is food (+mus stats)
"suave" if at least 1 ingredient is booze (+mox stats)
(1 MAX) a specific word or group of words (detailed in the additional effect section) determining which special effect this pizza will have.

Effect Given

  • Always gives an effect. The first letter of each ingredient, in order, selects the effect by name. For example, meat paste + meat paste + meat paste + meat paste would give the effect Mmmmmelon (as there are no other effects beginning with four Ms). If there are no matches, such as by using a 3-ball as the first ingredient, you can get any effect. If there are no matches starting with a particular ingredient you can get any effect that matches up to that point. Effects that cannot be wished cannot be pizza-ed either; Manuel potion effects are excluded, and so are a few other effects (needs spading).
  • The duration of the effect is the square root of the total autosell of all ingredients, rounded to the nearest integer (capped at 100 turns of the effect, obtained with a total autosell value of 9,901+) (always gives at least 5 turns of the effect, given if the total autosell value is lesser than 31).

Adventure and Stat gains

  • The base adventures gained are equal to total character count of the ingredients/10 including spaces and HTML characters within an item, rounded to the nearest 10, capped at 15 (at 145+) and floored at 3 (at <35).
  • Every ingredient adds +10 muscle substats per fullness (for food ingredients), and +10 moxie substats per drunkenness (for booze ingredients), capped at +150 per ingredient. Without any such ingredients, the pizza will not provide any substat gains. It is unknown if there is a type of ingredient that adds mysticality substats.

Additional effect

  • An additional special effect message prepends the consumption text. Which effect it is depends on the presence (or not) of a specific (group of) word in your pizza's name, which in turn depends on the presence of specific trigger words or type of objects used as ingredients. Even if more than one trigger is present, the pizza will only receive one of the (group of) word, and will select it at random(?) out of those available.

  • if the pizza has none of the triggers:
You find a note under your pizza, "Sorry your recipe didn't turn out super special, here's a refund."
Meat.gifYou gain 400-600? Meat.

  • If has "Sneaky Pete's", "Fortunate" or "Lucky", available if an ingredient has the word green or luck:
You really lucked out when you ordered this pizza!
Disclover.gifYou acquire an item: disassembled clover

  • If has "Fake", available if an ingredient has the word cloak:
Woah... what did you just eat? Your left over crusts don't really look like pizza crusts anymore!
Smallm.gifYou acquire an item: dead mimic

  • If has "Drugged" or "Medicinal", available if an ingredient is a spleen item:
Brain food? Muscle Food? Chutzpah food? Whatever it was, this pizza really perks you up!
You gain <your level x 20> Fortitude.
You gain <your level x 20> Wizardliness.
You gain <your level x 20> Smarm.

  • If has "Military", "Warlike" or "Violent", available if an ingredient is a combat item:
There's a whole bunch of really gross stuff stuck to the bottom of your pizza. Did you drag it through an alley during some sort of weird rumble?
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
(Gives 3 items (no duplicate) out of Glark cable, Short writ of habeas corpus, Unnamed cocktail, Duskwalker syringe, Sonar-in-a-biscuit, Cocktail napkin and Cigarette lighter)

  • If has "For Kids", "For Pets" or "With a toy surprise", available if an ingredient is a familiar hatchling or familiar equipment:
You feed the tasty slice to <familiar name>, who seems to enjoy it despite not being a ninja turtle and thankfully drops a little something for you in return.
SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
(Gives 40 experience to your current familiar, as well as its familiar-specific equipment, or a lead necklace for familiars without specific equipment.)

  • If has "with extra cheese" at the end, available if an ingredient has the word Milk or Cheese in it:
You decide that your pizza has too much cheese and pick off a few globs.
Goatcheese.gifYou acquire 3 wedges of goat cheese

  • If has "Cosmic", "Galactic" or "Stellar", available if an ingredient has the word star, space or dot in it:
This pizza is so good, you're seeing stars!
Star.gifYou acquire 5 stars


  • The consume text telling the player to "stay a while and listen" is a reference to the video game Diablo and Deckard Cain, the character in the games who is famous for saying this line.
  • "You feed the tasty slice to <familiar name>, who seems to enjoy it despite not being a ninja turtle" is a reference to the pizza-loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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