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The lookout in the crow's nest spots a small island in the distance, and you row out to it to investigate. You push through the jungle, and spot a huge tyrannosaurus rex, stomping on a log cabin over and over while a another dinosaur looks on. You prepare to run screaming for your life, but the tyrannosaurus doesn't seem interested in chasing you. Instead, it gets into a series of discussions about philosophy and linguistics with a passing raptor.

You join them in a conversation about the comic possibilities of multiple-universe theory, and gain some new insights into the working of the universe. They're pretty silly insights, but still...

You gain 250-350 Magicalness.


(23,66); (55,8); (60,14); (110,15); (196,42)


  • The "Dinosaur Comics" adventure refers to the webcomic Dinosaur Comics, where every strip is based on the same set of graphics and differs only by the dialogue (which can get quite philosophical, though often quite silly).

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