Disco Inferno (skill)

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One of the 1 Momentum combat messages doesn't report any damage being dealt (Damage is dealt to the monster, it just isn't reported to you).

Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 15
usable once per fight

Your disco dancing is so hot that it produces literal fire when you want it to.

Damage opponent with your hotness

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 7,500 Meat
Class: Disco Bandit
Level: 12
Effect: Deals Hot Damage, scaling with Disco Momentum, which can hit up to three opponents.
When Used:
When used with no Disco Momentum:

You flick your disco lighter and toss it at him, dealing X damage.
You toss a small disco ball grenade at him, lighting him up for X damage.
You let your disco fever flow through you until it lights a little fire under him for X damage.

When used with 1 point of Disco Momentum:
You toss a pretty big disco ball grenade at your foe
You burn with a disco fever, and you release that fever in a disco inferno that hits your foe for X damage.
You stop dancing for long enough to snap your fingers, and when you do, a gout of flame bursts out of them, scorching your opponent for X damage.

When used with 2 points of Disco Momentum:
You notice sparks flying from your fingers as you boogie, and you flick them into your foe, who apparently are made of old, dry wood. He crackles and blazes for X damage.
You've got some serious night fever, night fever. Your feet are on fire! No, I mean, literally. You kick the flames out on your foe before you burn your shoes, for X damage.
You're feelin' hot, hot, hot. Your disco spirit is so strong you're wreathed in flame! You dance into your foe, immolating them (which is the sincerest form of flattery) for X damage.

When used with 3 points of Disco Momentum:
You burn down the boogie wonderland with an intense disco inferno, doing X damage.
You cackle, "burn, baby, burn!" as you unleash a disco inferno on him, blazing them up for X damage.

You combine your boogie fever with your Saturday night fever and unleash a ring of flame that spreads outwards, engulfing your opponent for X damage.


  • Against groups of monsters this skill can hit up to 3 opponents, doubling or tripling the damage.