Disco Nap

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List of debuffs removed needs checking; with the passive, does it clear the effects that Disco Power Nap used to?

Disco Nap

Disco Nap

Type: Noncombat
MP Cost: 8

This skill allows you to take a quick Disco Nap, and heal some of your wounds. Your powerful napping skills will also allow you to rest at your campsite, once per day, without using up an Adventure.

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 500 Meat
Class: Disco Bandit
Level: 3
Effect: Heals 20 HP and removes a few detrimental status effects (see list below). It also allows you to rest at your campsite once per day without using an Adventure.
When Used:
You take a Disco Nap. You feel revitalized.
HPYou gain 20 hit points.

With Adventurer of Leisure:
You take an especially effective Disco Nap. You feel especially revitalized.

HPYou gain 40 hit points.


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