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Discoveries (or recipes) were added to the game on September 24th, 2008, when the entire crafting interface was updated. Players can now go to the crafting menu and choose "Discoveries" to see a list of items previously made by that account. By using Discoveries, it allows for faster creation of items, jewelry, food, and booze. Also, if a character creates enough in each category, then trophies are available.

To view how many recipes that a character has, a player can choose 'quests' from the top menu to go to your Quest Log, and then choose 'other accomplishments' to see a total number for each category.

Currently, Discoveries are categorized into 5 main categories:

This makes for a maximum discovery score of .

Secret Recipes

Some recipes in the kingdom are secret; you cannot craft them without seeing detailed instructions first.


  • All discoveries, even secret ones, are remembered in all future ascensions, including Bad Moon.
  • An unused Discovery category (One-time only) was revealed during the fifth Twitch Livestream World Event.


  • Jewelrycrafting recipes were listed separately until a Tuesday update on June 16, 2015, changed how jewelry was made.

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