Disintegrating sheet music

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disintegrating sheet music
disintegrating sheet music

This is an ancient and tattered sheet of Crimbo music. The title has torn off, so you're not sure what song it is.

Type: usable (self or others)
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

(In-game plural: disintegrating sheets of music)
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Item number: 2192
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Obtained From

Dropped after combat by a Ancient Yuletide Troll

When Used

Sing an Ancient Yuletide Troll Carol.

Sing a carol for (name or playerid)

Use Item

You sing an Ancient Yuletide Troll Carol for <target>.
  • Message received by target:
<username> has sung an Ancient Yuletide Troll Carol for you.

  • Bestows 10 turns of one of the following effects on your target, and uses up one disintegrating sheet music.
Effect Name Effect Summary
Coy to the Hurled +0-2 Damage Reduction
Don't Rest Ye, Bold Adventurer +0-2 Stat(s) Per Fight
Frosty the Hitman +0-2 Hot, Cold, Stench, Spooky, and Sleaze Damage
Violent Night +5% chance of Critical Hit
White Knuckles Never Fumble


  • While it cannot be used on those (except yourself) in Hardcore or Ronin like other buffs, carols can be used on someone in the middle of a combat, unlike other buffs.
  • Can be used on Jick, Multiczar, and dev accounts. (For now.) However, attempting to use it on Xenophobe yields the message "Not to me."


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