Dollhawker's Emporium

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Dollhawker's Emporium is located in Elvish Paradise, and is accessible after completing the Repair the Elves' Shield Generator quest. It is run by Geraldriel Dollhawker.

Geraldriel Dollhawker
Hey there, adventurer, I understand you're the person to thank for preserving the future of our entire race! What better way to commemorate your great deed than with an adorable plush rendering of the monsters that even now run rampant over most of our former territory? Nothing says, "I will never forget the horrors that happened here" better than a souvenir plush toy, I find. And just think! If you wake up screaming at night, you can hold one of these fellas tight, and the lavish plush will absorb your tears!

Items Sold

Fabulous Prize: Tickets:
Pl alielf.gif plush alielf 100 lunar isotopes
Pl dogcat.gif plush dogcat 150 lunar isotopes
Pl hamsterpus.gif plush hamsterpus 200 lunar isotopes
Pl ferelf.gif plush ferrelf 300 lunar isotopes
Pl mutalien.gif plush mutated alielf 400 lunar isotopes
Pl alihamster.gif plush alien hamsterpus 500 lunar isotopes
Pl elephant.gif plush mutated alielephant 1000 lunar isotopes
  • After trying to purchase something without selecting it first:
You have to pick an item to buy!
  • After trying to purchase a non-natural number of items:
You can't buy less than one of something.
  • After successfully purchasing something:
You hand over your isotopes and collect your purchase.
You don't have enough isotopes for that item.


  • Originally, despite being gift items, Moon Plush off-hands were not gift-a-pult ammo. This changed at some unknown period.