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This basement appeared on July 28, 2013, with the following update:

July 27 - Welcome to Dreadsylvania! Our newest clan dungeon is now available for the Adventuring pleasure of you and your close friends!

Basic Mechanics

Each of the three zones contains 1000 enemies plus a boss fight. The enemies in each zone are five elemental versions of two types of enemies:

  • Woods – Bugbear and Werewolf
  • Village – Zombie and Ghost
  • Castle – Vampire and Skeleton

Initially, only the Woods are open for adventuring. Players must intoxicate the Carriageman with booze in order to open the Village (1000 turns' worth of booze) and Castle (2000 turns).

There are three non-combats in each zone. Each player may use each non-combat only once per instance. Most of the non-combats have options to get a few Freddy Kruegerands, or to reduce or eliminate all monsters of a given element or phylum from one of the zones. There are also cooperative puzzles.

Removing enemies via non-combats DOES NOT reduce the 1000 enemies in the zone that need to be cleared. Removing enemies of an element will make all other enemies (including the boss) in the zone much harder by increasing stats as well as adding in debuffs and additional moves to each monster. This also increases the number of kisses received at the end of each fight. Removing enemies of a monster type will help control which boss is fought in the zone.

Some of the choices in some of the non-combats must be unlocked with a Dreadsylvanian skeleton key. A single player spending a single key will unlock the choice for all players in the instance.

When the monster difficulty is raised, many of the monsters will begin to inflict negative effects on you (even if you win initiative). These effects cannot be removed with soft green echo eyedrop antidote or Hot Tub or all-purpose cleaner or CSA all-purpose soap. The only way to remove them (apart from spending turns) is with hot Dreadsylvanian cocoa.


  • Transcendent Olfaction does not work. Trying to sniff a monster gives the following message:
    The smells in this village are too exotic and strange for you to make any sense of them.
  • You cannot adventure in any Dreadsylvanian zones as a nonstandard class (such as Avatar of Jarlsberg). Attempting to do gives the following message:
    The Dreadsylvanian air is poisonous to Adventurers are[sic] exotic as you. Maybe come back when you're some normal class, like a Seal Clubber or a Disco Bandit or something.
  • Windows in Village and Castle, and eyes in Forest correspond to area percentage left. The number of windows/pairs of eyes corresponds to 10% of the zone left.
  • Shortcuts to the various non-combats are permanently added to this map for a player using the ghost pencil.
  • El Dia de Los Muertos Borrachos monsters will override the non-combat shortcuts.
  • According to Jick's design document, increasing the noncombat frequency has a reduced effect. Exactly how reduced remains to be spaded.
  • Removing all of the monsters brings them all back.
  • You must be level 15 or higher to participate:
    You must be at least level 15 to handle this spooky place.
  • CLEESHing monsters does not decrease the number of monsters you need to defeat.
  • A KoLmafia script is available to calculate the cheapest booze for intoxicating the carriageman.
  • A Dreadsylvania Non-combat Table is available for ease of use.
  • For those interested in the names, naming patterns have been collected:
  • When you close the zone by folding up the map, you get the following message:
    You fold the map back up. Goodbye, terror!
  • There is a choice adventure accessible only by being in a Dreadsylvanian choice adventure when a dungeon is closed:
It Was All a Horrible, Horrible Dream
It Was All a Horrible, Horrible Dream
  • Wander Off


  • For the first day or two, CSA all-purpose soap used to remove the negative effects. This stopped working (without announcement) on July 29, 2013.
  • PvP fights stopped working to remove the negative effects sometime around August 1, 2013.
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