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There are days where you'll want to maximize a particular stat or game mechanics ability. Perhaps it's for plumbing the depths of Fernswarthy's Basement, overpowering your opponents in PvP, farming for Meat or items, dealing with a difficult opponent, or just experimenting. At times like these, you'll want to be Dressing For Success. There's a lot more to it than just finding the right hat for the job -- you'll want to take advantage of buffs, passive skills, effects from items and more.

In recognition of the fact that most people don't have piles of Mafia Raffle Prize gear stacked up in their closet, we've organized things by accessibility. Items that are non-tradable, rare, or no longer available except through the mall are all colour coded into their respective category to show at a glance how much work you'll need to put in to obtain it.

Maximizing Your ...

Here are the links to the gear/buff combinations that will maximize a particular stat/game mechanic.

Character Base Stats

Combat Abilities

Monster Drops


Explanation of Methodology

Dressing for Success does not aim to list every single modifier available to the player. For those who are interested in such things, there are pages that list every single modifier. Instead, Dressing for Success aims to show what would be a reasonable set of modifiers for a player to have if they wish to maximize something, organized by equipment slot for easy reference. In addition, all modifiers are categorized to show at a glance how accessible it is to most players. The following table shows the categories that are used:

Ultra rares and Raffle House/Radio prizes Tradable and still obtainable, but rare
Semi-rares and war hero drops
Mr. Store/KoL Con accessible derivatives Tradable (directly or ingredients or zone access consumable), unlimited generation to those who own source, source no longer obtainable
Mr. Store/KoL Con items and inaccessible derivatives Tradable, but no longer obtainable
Other limited time content
Clan Dungeon non-tradables Untradable, but still obtainable
Other non-tradables
Non-tradables from past holidays and world events Untradable, and no longer obtainable
* Single-equip restriction, or two-handed/three-handed weapon
^ Equipment disappears at the end of the day or the equipment (or its associated enchantment) has a limited duration

Buffs are also categorized similarly, however they are classified depending on how the item that grants the effect is obtained. For example, buffs granted from astral cupcakes are classified as "Mr. Store", because although they are available in the mall, they are only produced from astral mushrooms which are only obtained from the Astral Badger, which is only available through the mall. In short, hardcore players can only obtain them if they have the appropriate Mr. Store item.

Ultra rares and Raffle House/Radio prizes
This category is for all items that are outstandingly difficult to obtain. Ultra Rares items fit into this category, as well as all current Raffle House prizes and current Radio KoL gear.
Semi-rares and war hero drops
This category is for all tradable items that have mechanics to make them somewhat rare, but can still be obtained with effort.
Mr. Store/KoL Con accessible derivatives
Items in this category are derived from a Mr. Store/KoL Con item. They are either tradeable directly, or you can trade the ingredients to craft them, or you can trade a special currency to buy them in a still accessible shop, or you can trade for zone daily access tickets. Whichever method is used to acquire them, they involve trading with people who own the no longer available for sale Mr. Store/KoL Con item. The path to the derivative must be farmable to be in this category (for example, the Kremlin's Greatest Briefcase can only generate 3x tattoo kits ever per account, limiting its accessibility and thus putting it in the next category. But it can generate 1x tiny plastic golden gundam per day without an upper limit, putting this item in this category).
Mr. Store/KoL Con items and inaccessible derivatives
Items in this category are from a previous KoL Con, or once existed in Mr. Store, or are items created by using a Mr. Store item in a finite quantity (only X ever per account with said Mr. Store item), or cannot be acquired without having the Mr. Store item in question.
Other limited time content
All other items are now only accessible through the Mall belong in this category. A new player can only obtain these items through other players.
Clan Dungeon non-tradables
Players can only obtain these items if they are in a clan that has access to the appropriate dungeons.
Other non-tradables
This category is for all other untradable items that can still be obtained by new players.
Non-tradables from past holidays and world events
Some things can no longer be obtained, but are still optimal in many scenarios.


The Dressing for Success pages do not list everything that is available for many reasons, which are explained below:

Bad Moon Skills and Effects
Not only do the effects require you to spend an adventure to obtain (and so are hard to stack), but they can only be obtained once per ascension, and they are often accidentally triggered during a typical ascension. As a result, they will be unavailable to most players most of the time. In addition, players cannot access permed skills in Bad Moon, making things harder to maximize. As a result, anything that is specific to Bad Moon is not included.
Custom and unique items
Due to the rather severe unobtainability, custom items and items of which only one exists are excluded from Dressing for Success.
Rubbish buffs/equipment
The lists tend to get rather long for many Dressing for Success pages. In order to improve clarity, some things that are not worth applying/equipping because better alternatives that are extremely easy/cheap to obtain will be excluded from pages that are becoming unnecessarily large.

Dressing Up

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Mus · Mys · Mox · HP · MP · WDmg · SDmg · Init
DA · DR · Res · FightStats · XPBoost · ML · Items · Meat · HP Regen · MP Regen
Adv · PvP · Fam Wt · Crit · Diving

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