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There are several categories or "tiers" of drinks. Each starts with a basic booze, then adds additional ingredients which give better gains in adventures and/or stats. In addition, some drinks are created only as a result of a bartender explosion and cannot be mixed on purpose.

Basic Boozes

Basic boozes are the foundation on which most drinks are made. Basic boozes may be found, bought, or mixed by fermenting certain fruits. There is no level requirement to consume them. When consumed, they give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 3 Adventures

The six basic boozes are:

When mixed with a fermenting powder, the following items will yield three bottles of basic booze:

Improved Spirits

Still sm.gif
Improved spirits are created by upgrading basic boozes using Nash Crosby's Still. Access to the Still requires Superhuman Cocktailcrafting. Improved Spirits require you to be level 2 to drink them; when consumed, improved spirits give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 4-8 Adventures

The six improved spirits are:

Advanced Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks

Advanced Cocktailcrafting base drinks are mixed using one of the basic boozes and one of the basic mixers: grapefruit, lemon, olive, orange, soda water, and strawberry. Each of the six boozes combines with two mixers, so there are 12 base drinks. Anyone can mix these drinks. There is no level requirement to consume them. When consumed, they give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 8-10 Substat points of a single stat
  • 5-6 Adventures

The 12 Advanced Cocktailcrafting base drinks are:

Additionally, banana daiquiris can be mixed. They yield approximately 6-11 adventures and 10-30 of each substat at the cost of 3 Drunkenness.

Advanced Cocktailcrafting Drinks

Mixing Advanced Cocktailcrafting Drinks requires the Advanced Cocktailcrafting skill. They are mixed from an Advanced Cocktailcrafting base drink and a Cocktailcrafting accessory: coconut shell, little paper umbrella, and magical ice cubes. Each base drink can only be mixed with one particular accessory. These drinks require you to be level 4 to drink them; when consumed, they give:

  • 4 Drunkenness
  • Either 34-36 of a single substat, or 25-27 of one substat and 8-10 of another
  • 10-14 Adventures

The Advanced Cocktailcrafting drinks are:

The banana base drink, banana daiquiri, can be upgraded to a bungle in the jungle, which gives 13-17 Adventures, 30-100 Beefiness, 50-120 Enchantedness, 30-100 Cheek, and 4 Drunkenness.

Tiny Plastic Sword Base Drinks

Tiny plastic sword base drinks can be mixed by anyone. Each basic booze can be mixed with one of the three tiny plastic sword fruits -- cherry, jumbo olive, and lime -- to yield one of these drinks. These drinks require you to be level 3 to drink them; when consumed, they give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 8-10 Substats (all of a single stat)
  • 5-10 Adventures.

The tiny plastic sword base drinks are:

Tiny Plastic Sword Drinks

Tiny plastic sword drinks can be mixed by anyone. These drinks are generally the best in the game if you're trying to maximize your adventures. TPS Drinks require you to be level 6 to drink them; the final drinks give:

  • 6 Drunkenness
  • 16-20 Stats (all of a single stat)
  • 22-26 Adventures

The tiny plastic sword drinks are:

Superhuman Cocktailcrafting Base Drinks

Superhuman base drinks combine improved booze and improved mixers, both of which can be obtained by feeding regular booze and mixers into Nash Crosby's Still. The six improved garnishes are:

Mixing improved base drinks requires Superhuman Cocktailcrafting. These drinks require you to be level 3 to drink them; they give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 16-20 Substats (all in a single stat)
  • 5-10 Adventures

The Superhuman base drinks comprise:

Superhuman Drinks

Superhuman drinks are a mixing of the above base Superhuman drinks with a garnish. They only require Advanced Cocktailcrafting to mix. These drinks require you to be level 6 to drink them; they give:

  • 4 Drunkenness
  • 41-47 Substats in total, sometimes split between two
  • 14-18 Adventures

The Superhuman drinks are:

In addition, there are 3 drinks made from a bottle of Pete's Sake, another Nash Crosby's Still item:

Fermenting Powder Drinks

Fermenting powder drinks can be mixed by anyone. They have varying level requirements, apparently based on when the main ingredient becomes available. The final drinks typically give:

  • 1 Drunkenness
  • 3-5 Stats (either all of one stat or evenly divided among all 3 stats)
  • 1-3 Adventures

Since these drinks can be mixed using components purchased at NPC stores, you can make a lot of them very cheaply. This is a handy way of intentionally blowing up a bartender-in-the-box.

Fermenting powder drinks include:

Additionally, a shot of flower schnapps gives 1 Drunkenness, 2 adventures, and no stats, but grants 3 turns of the Flower Power effect.

Mushroom Fermenting Solution Drinks

Mushroom fermenting solution is only available as a reward for completing a Muscle zodiac sign quest. It can be mixed with mushrooms grown in Degrassi Knoll if you are a Muscle sign. Mixing it with a tier 1 mushroom will typically give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 4-6 Stats
  • 10-14 Adventures

The tier 1 drinks are:

Mixing it with a tier 2 mushroom will typically give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 8-10 Stats
  • 10-14 Adventures

The tier 2 drinks are:

Mixing it with a tier 3 mushroom will typically give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 12-15 Stats
  • 10-14 Adventures

The tier 3 drinks are:

Finally, mixing with the special tier 4 mushrooms will typically give:

  • 3 Drunkenness
  • 12-15 in each Substat
  • 12-17 Adventures
  • 20 turns of the Gothy effect (only for the gloomy mushroom wine)

The tier 4 drinks are:

Ice-Cold Beer Drinks

Ice-cold Willer and ice-cold Sir Schlitz mix with only a few things:

Bartender-in-the-Box Explosion Drinks

These drinks form when a bartender-in-the-box explodes - you cannot mix them yourself on purpose. Some of them are pretty disgusting, but generally they're slightly better than what you could mix yourself.

Other Random Drinks

These drinks don't really fit easily in other categories. They exist either because it's interesting or funny for them to exist, or they used to be part of other recipes but have since changed. These include:

Some drinks have been de-implemented:

There are other base drink-mixing ingredients that aren't generally considered to be basic boozes but serve essentially the same function:

These items are combined with various mixers and garnishes to form better and better drinks. The recipes and benefits of those drinks are what this guide is all about.

Drinks That Cannot Be Mixed


Some drinks just drop and cannot be cocktailcrafted, including:

Drinks from Restaurants

Some drinks are only available in restaurants like The Gnomish Micromicrobrewery, The Crimbo Cafe or The Crimboween Spooky Cafe, and are consumed immediately upon ordering.

Mafia Wines


A variety of bottles of wine were given away in raffles held by the Penguin Mafia:

Other Rare Drinks


And some drinks are just plain rare: