Driving Wastefully

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Driving Wastefully

Driving Wastefully

Your car is SCHLURPing up any oil it detects and GLOOOOOSHing it out the back to deter pursuers. Or anyone, really.

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Effect number: 2310
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Obtained From

Asdon Martin
Driving Wastefully (30 Adventures)


The Asdon Martin's windshield wipers go vweek vweek as they clean off the oil rain that's SPLORSHTing out of a sprinkler on the roof of the car.
The Asdon Martin pumps a bunch of oil out of the ground with a loud SCHLUUURRRKK and then ga-SHPLORKs it out the back. Wasteful, but effective.
Your car PHBLRBRBPHLRBSTs a huge spray of oil out of its tailpipe.